The ‘Gold Digger’ Mistress of Delhi Industrialist

Tomorrow, i.e  on the 1st of December 2010, I will bring to you the sordid tale of the Delhi Industrialist’s mistress’ ‘gold-digging’ ways. Madam Nina J, who is a small time caterer, has amassed huge wealth and enjoys luxuries of life courtesy her relationship with the gullible industrialist. But that isn’t all, the greedy mistress nurses an ambitions of getting her son (from her legal husband) a stake in the industrialist’s ventures.

With friends like ‘Him’, you don’t need enemies

Many would know this rich bloke – Ratan Kapoor. He is undoubtedly very nice on your face and very warm. He also has the habit of trying to impress you with his largesse, which may be picking up your tab if you bump in to him in a night club (though he is infamous for keeping the tabs pending long with the clubs) or offering you some other ‘goodies’ if you in to them. But then all this is very typical of a typical Delhi rich bloke. So what’s so different about Ratan Kapoor?

Ratan has a major digestion problem. You can never trust him with any thing said or done in confidence. He is also capable of painting you a villain to a common friend. I wonder what happens to husbands and wives who are both friends with him. He may cause a split. I too became victim of his distorted gossip and would run a mile if I see him.

By the way, if I start telling you gossips I have heard from him, it would be WIKILEAKS on Delhi society. Boy, time you put your act together!

Somebody put his Wife at Stake in a Card Party. Uffff…..

Baapji aka Priest, a regular reader of this Blog shared some scandalous information on things that happens in Delhi’s high-society card parties. Here is a modern day Mahabharat!

Baapji wrote:

” I have heard somebody lost his wife in pre -diwali cards for a 2 days holiday at a cards party in Maharani Bagh. They actually call it a friendly move but had to disclose this to discourage this move. Sorry L*mb* and B*wa.”

I think Baapji is referring to one Lamba and Bawa. Any idea who these modern day Yudhistir, Duryodhan and Draupadi are???

Amar Sarin’s car’s panes were smashed at Riju’s Diwali Bash


Riju Jhunjhunwala, the guy who recently got married to Amrita Kak, the daughter of Bina Kak, the Tourism Minister of Rajasthan, threw a lavish pre-Diwali bash at his farm. Delhi’s society-walas gambled, drank, puffed, pulled, ate and danced at his party but for one guy, Amar Sarin. Amar is Sunaini’s kid brother and has a fleet of fancy cars. His car (Bentley, if I am right) was smashed by some rogues. They held back his driver and the other guys smashed all the windows of the car. What a dastardly act.

Now who could have done it or got it done by hired goons is the big question. Amar is a cool guy and whatever little I know him, he is a chilled out, non aggressive kinda guy. So who would be nursing a malice against him? 

Now Delhi’s gossip mill is abuzz with this incident and all fingers are pointing towards Amar’s ex girlfriend’s beau.

By the way, who lost a Bentley at a card game pre Diwali? Any info on that folks???

Sculptor Anish Kapoor’s 1st ever Exhibition in India is here month end

The Turner prize-winning sculptor Anish Kapoor is having his first ever exhibition in his native India. Oh yes this treat to us comes from none other than Louis Vuitton! Anish is a legend.  His exhibition last year at the Royal Academy in London was the most successful ever for a living artist, attracting more than 260,000 visitors. Although Kapoor has created gigantic pieces all over the world and site work will begin this week for his Orbit 115m spiral tower at the London 2012 Olympics site, he has only had a temporary installation of one outdoor piece in India.

One of the most spectacular pieces from the Royal Academy show, a cannon that fires large blocks of wax into a corner of the gallery, gradually producing a slaughterhouse scene of blood red splodges, is among those being installed in Delhi where the exhibition will open at the end of November. It then opens in Mumbai, Anish Kapoor’s birth place.

In Mumbai the exhibition will take over an entire Bollywood film studio, while in Delhi it is at the New Wing of the National Gallery of Modern Arts. But guess what? NGMA has to widen the entrance to bring in Anish Kapoor’s mammoth pieces. 

Guys this Exhibition is a must-see and is a lifetime opportunity!