Queenie Failed To Woo Perez Hilton

Desperate socialite Queenie Singh tried everything possible to host a bash for the visiting Celebrity Blogger Perez Hilton so as to get mentioned by Perez in his popular blog. But poor Queenie failed in her ambitious mission as Perez left India after holidaying in Rajasthan. Sources told me that Queenie desperately tried getting in touch with Perez Hilton by calling the Lake Palace Hotel in Udaipur but without luck.

Queenie’s shrewd formula of hosting bashes for visiting international celebrities to get to know them worked successfully earlier. She hosted lavish parties for revered fashion editrix, Suzy Menkes, Naomi Campbell and most recently Paris Hilton with the sole idea of getting on Page3 posing with the famous people and to flaunt her association with them. Gawd…things these desperate socialites do for that shallow ‘fifteen-minutes-of-fame’! Poor Queenie’s luck ran out with Perez Hilton and her dream of being mentioned on his Blog alongside the likes of Victoria Beckham and Lady Gaga crashed.

I think somebody should do a TV series on “Desperate Housewives of Mumbai and Delhi”. The TRPs would be great and there are no dearth of Desperate Housewives (like Queenie) willingly starring in them!