Another “Fashion Council” Raises Its Ugly Head

The number of Fashion Weeks and Fashion Bodies India have is greater than the sum total of Fashion Weeks held in London, Milan, New York and Paris. Besides the primary two – the India Fashion Week organised by Fashion Designers Council of India (FDCI) and Lakme Fashion Week organised by Reliance-IMG the other Fashion Weeks are nothing but trash. A ‘Fashion Week’ is B2B Model where fashion designers showcase their collections to Buyers and Media. The trashy ones are just ‘tamasha’ where there is absolutely no business.

Now a Uttar Pradesh based Real-Estate Group – AMR has ambitiously got on to the bandwagon of Fashion. The promoters of this Company have absolutely no experience of fashion business yet they have forged a body called India Fashion Council. Most amazingly India Fashion Council is a ‘Proprietorship‘ firm. Anybody who knows a bit about ‘Councils’ and their memorandum should know that ‘Council’ is a non-profit body and can never be floated by a ‘Proprietor’. The fraudulent ways of AMR’s IFC is further exposed by their ‘FALSE’ claim of being associated with a Leading English Newspaper of India. The objective definitely has nothing to do for the growth of Indian Fashion and fashion Designers but to garner publicity for their real-estate brand. The group has roped in some mediocre event company and a former FDCI executive along with few senior fashion journalists to put together a fashion week.

The way AMR went about the whole deal was rather unscrupulous. First they approached FDCI showing interest in sponsoring a fashion week. Later they announced forming a fashion council. Anyways there are dime-a-dozen designers who they can lure in by paying money to do a show but that’s about it. Many ambitious people and groups have attempted to form councils and fashion weeks but all have burnt their fingers.

It is high-time our designers shun these fly-by-night operators and not let them dilute the concept of ‘fashion week’ for their personal gains.

Tarun Tahiliani to show on the opening day of WIFW F/W 2011

Here’s a Breaking News from! Tarun Tahiliani whose name wasn’t on the list of designers showing at the forthcoming Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week Fall+Winter 2011-12 is actually showcasing his collection on the Opening Day of WIFW. TT’s show is slotted for the prime-time – 9:30 pm slot. I am also been told that Tahiliani’s collecton is really something to look forward to something.

Another new name featuring in the list of designers showcasing their collection at WIFW F/W 2011-12 is that of Shantanu + Nikhil Mehra. They would be showing at WIFW after quiet some time.

Tanisha the Shutterbug

Tanisha Mohan, a permanent feature at fashion weeks was seen clicking pictures of  designer’s collection from her ‘must-have’ by hook or by crook front row seat. Yeah, at Men’s Week too, she sat on Vineet Jain, the MD of Times of India’s seat.

Wonder why she was capturing the images from the ramp? Would you know why? Here’s a picture, which I am fictionalising and captioning: “Amol Vadehra seems to be asking Tanisha Mohan why she’s been taking pictures at the shows.” Now I want you guys to suggest me some witty answers to the question in the caption. Would you suggest some?My answers are:

Tanisha: Amol you know I have few unfortunate fraands who haven’t seen shows and they keep begging, ‘Tashu tu toh every show mein Front Row mein sit karti hai. Kyon nahi U take some photos for us please”. I pity them and do it for them yaar.


Tanisha: Amol you know nah how dumb these reporters are? After every show they run after me to find out my opinion on the show. My opinion is soooo important to them so I help these poor guys and after seeing shows after shows, I lose track and then these pictures come handy.

By the way, if you didn’t know this…Tanisha once tried to become the Guest Contributor for ‘Hello’ magazine and her argument was that she knows Delhi’s biggest hot-shots and can definitely do much better than the existing Guest Contributor of Hello. The Guest Contributor referred to is a respected columnist cum TV Anchor and hails from one of the most respected and sophisticated families of Delhi

When it comes to Fashion, trust Government to play Spoilsport

I fail to understand this step-childish treatment of the fashion fraternity by the Government, the Administration and all the Babus. We all know how an entire day was ruined by the Fire Department last season at Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week. Now the Stae Government and its Administration is putting all kind of spokes to the hosting of Tarun Tahiliani Bridal Exposition and the Delhi Couture Week.

For some odd reason Tenting isn’t allowed and Delhi Police is refusing to give a NOC to Tahiliani’s Bridal Exposition at DLF Emporio. What’s wrong with setting up a grand tent where a Couturier wants to create a perfect ambiance to showcase his collection? Last I know, that matter is yet to be resolved and TT may have to shift his Grand exposition Indoors. Same is the dilemma with Couture Week, which is at The Grand Hotel. They too have been erecting a Tent outdoors within the hotel premises but Administration is creating a fuss.

In Paris Dior Homme showcased the collection at the Metro Station, in Milan shows are hosted at the famous Roman Steps but in India you can’t erect a Tent. How stupid and illogical can our Government Machinery be? The Babus and the Netas however die for passes to the fashion shows. I remember how Mayawati’s Chief secretary threatened of dire consequences to get 25 front-row passes for fashion week. They don’tunderstand F of fashion and just want to letch at the girls.

Damn this Babudom and pathetic stone-age philosophies of the Government and the Administration. For Trade Fairs the Government goes all out but for fashion weeks they put spokes. Aren’t fashion weeks trade fair??? Inko Kaun Samjahe!

More Conspiracy Theory on WIFW Day1 Fiasco

Mind it – this is just a conspiracy theory…

Apparently Vinod Kaul, Director FDCI was entrusted with the job of getting clearances. Now if you remember, Vinod Kaul was an advisor with JJ Valaya before his present stint with FDCI. The theory goes that Kaul deliberately messed up the Fire NOC so that Day 1 shows get cancelled and rescheduled on the last day. Why? Simple – so that JJ Valaya, Kaul’s former client gets to end the fashion week as a de-facto Grand Finale. Valaya anyway has a penchant for all things GRAND.

If this is the truth then, both Valaya and Kaul pulled up a real smart one. Whaddya say???

And did you know that Sushmita Sen travels with an entourage of 8 assistants? Yes she does. Ritu Beri got her as her show stopper and paid Rs. 15 lacs plus stay and travel of the 8 chamchas and chamchis that Sush tag along. Wonder what the 8 assistants are for? Can anybody enlighten???