Matharoo Ka Mann Dola For Big Bucks

matharoo twinsmatharoo-sisters-insta-05The Indian origin Canadian twinsJyoti and Kiran Matharoo were living the high-life and aped ‘The Kardashians’. Matharoo sisters are social media pro and Nigeria’s Instagram fueled socialites, and completely void of talent. Well, void except for one key area — reportedly having sex with and then blackmailing rich men. The Matharoo pair are now facing charges of extortion on 274 counts, which were brought to authorities’ attention by one of their allegedly intended victims, a Nigerian billionaire-Femi Otedola.

The Instagram darlings who routinely feature themselves on yachts surrounded by Gucci and Prada operated a website featuring Nigerian upper class partiers and businessmen and royal elites. The Matharoo Sisters threatened to release a bomb proving that Otedola was screwing around on his wife. Otedola took the sisters head-on and tracked down evidence that the sisters had been having sex with a number of rich Nigerian men, filming it, then using the sex tapes against them for some monster payouts. The Matharoo sisters were taken into custody just before Christmas.

matharoo-sistersThe Nigerian police recovered laptops and iPads that had the information of different people, including video tapes of men having sex with them… politicians, top ranking businessmen in Nigeria. Post all this Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo released an apology video on Youtube. Have a look: