Arm-Candy Natalia Kapchuk Branded As Jai Shroff’s Girlfriend

000000277039-Natalia_Kapchuk-squaremediumpoonam_jaiNatalia Kapchuk is no supermodel, no next Sunny Leone. The Ukrainian model is where she is courtesy some Desi men with weakness for blondes. In December last year I posted this story about Jaidev Shroff’s penchant for blondes that takes him to London frequently…

Michel ADam_Natalia_ArmKandyDiamonds from Gem PalaceMichel Adam of FTV always walked with half a dozen East European girls wherever he went. His Indian partner, Lalit Modi has similar tastes. Natalia Kapchuk was employee of FTV Bar and Lounge in Dubai during 2013 and 2014. Rich Desi blokes pamper blondes. In Dubai she had a money-bag – Manish Dhamani as her SUGGA DADDY’. Natalia played her cards well and before shifting to London F-Bar Dubai celebrated her birthday. It was a typical nightclub promotion event. In the youtube video of her birthday bash, you will see a Desi bloke gifting her diamonds bought from ‘Gem Palace’. Caucasian guests did not turn-up even with flowers while ‘Desi Dawgs’ gifted her precious jewelry. Here is the video:

manish dhamani_Natalia_DubaiIn London Lalit Modi, Rishi Sethia, Raja Dhody, Mallya were Kapchuk’s many Daddies. Jai Shroff was the latest Daddy in the club. Natalia nursed Bollywood dreams and she used Salman Khan name but went nowhere. But billionaire daddies got her a movie -Dilliwali Zaalim Girlfriend that nobody heard of or saw. The ‘Tipsy Ho Gai’ Video got some eyeballs and FTV got that crap of a movie premiered in Cannes. FTV sponsors and covers Cannes hence certain privileges they earn. Just like Mallika Sherawat manages one movie from Hollywood or Hong Kong premiering there.

rishi sethia_natalia kapchuk_de grisgono party_canneskapchuk_cannesFirst wife of Jaidev Shroff, Romila became friends with Natalia Kapchuk. Ex wife’s friendship with former husband’s girlfriend is delicate and volatile matter but the target was Poonam Bhagat. Natalia Kapchuk elevated herself in Jai’s life and kinda became his kids London guardian.

Now she is “Billionaire Industrialist’s Supermodel Girlfriend’. Ukrainian and Russian tabloids are buzzing with the story. All I can say is,” Phas Gaya Rey Jai Shroff’. Heard other Sugar Daddies are laughing at the mess!

Horny men wanna play but all don’t become players!

Suite#1724 @ ITC Maurya was where the ‘Real’ IPL After Party Rocked

Li’l Birdie chirped that on Sunday night (4th April 2010) post the Delhi Daredevils & Deccan Challengers match at Delhi where Daredevils thrashed Challengers, the ‘real’ after party was at the Presidential Suite (#1724) of the ITC Maurya. If you wondering why, it’s because Michel Adam, the owner of Fashion TV was holed in there with loads of ‘goodies’.

Wondering what is the F TV boss doing at IPL? Well Michel Adam & IPL Commissioner Lalit Modi are partners and Modi’s Modi Entertainment Network (MEN) holds the license for all FTV ventures in India – FTV, F Bar, F Salon et al.

When it comes to partying, Adam is a hardcore party animal. He travels with a bevy of blondes and that sure is an attraction. So it was at Michel Adam’s suite where all the action was -accessible only to the elite few – Michel Adam and his glamorous entourage, Lalit Modi, Vijay Malaya, his lucky mascot – Katrina, Sid Malaya, Anusha Dandekar, a media tycoon and hordes of blondes. Champagnes popped and cherries popped too, among other ‘stuff’.