Issssh…Peter Seemed Such A ‘Bhadrolok’

MACABRE MURDERThe macabre murder saga involving Indrani and Peter Mukerjea has become a national pastime. And for Bengalis who are famous for their ‘aadda’ (gossip/conversation) culture, the sordid saga has been lapped up with passion. Peter Mukerjea is a Bengali but hardly has any typical traits of a Bengali. But that doesn’t bother his Bong brethren who have a bias favouring him. The superlatives I used in the heading are typically Bengali. ‘Issssh’ is an oft-used term expressing shame or disgust. If you recall the movie Devdas, Aishwarya Rai often uttered ‘Issssh’ more as an expression of shyness kinda shame. Bhadrolok is a gentleman. So obviously the city’s Bongs are sympathetic about their Bong brother – Peter Mukerjea and are liberally passing judgments.

INDRANI_PETER_WEDDINGAssamese and Bengalis share a love-hate relationship and Indrani Mukerjea being an Assamese do draw the wrath. Bongs – typically are not-so-fond of rich capitalists and don’t lose any opportunity to spill venom when a money bag gets into trouble for making it big illegally.

Rahul the PussySo I enjoyed overhearing this conversation at a Bengali club where for a change, Indrani and Peter Mukerjea saga mixed well with Old Monk Rum. (Bongs don’t drink Captain Morgan). Everybody had their own conspiracy theories. Indrani was the villain and a ruthless gold-digger who excelled in the art of ‘pu**y management’ while Peter was a dumb and  successful executive who fell for the superficial charm of the Suparnakha aka Indrani. The savvier amongst the group who boasted about knowing Peter personally however blamed Peter and his philandering ways and hinted something naughty between him and Sheena. The brother of the deceased Sheena was discounted as a dodo who looked very much a ‘mataal’ (drunkard).

31indrani1God only knows what’s the truth behind this sordid saga. But I had many colleagues who joined INX and were jobless after 8months and none of them had anything good to say about Indrani. Peter Mukerjea is behaving like a typical escapist; trying to be this blind lover who is/was enamoured by Indrani. But those hundreds of journalist who lost a lot because of Peter and Indrani’s nefarious INX project feel Karma is doing its work.

I am just hoping that for the coming Durga Puja, nobody takes to Indrani and Peter Mukerjea saga as their pandal decor theme….


New Sugar Daddy’s Sugar Crying Foul

Raja Dhody_Rupika ChopraI recently posted about a new Desi Sugar-Daddy – Raja Dhody and his wannabe playmate Rupika Chopra.

Raja & RupikaSugar Daddy-Raja & Sugar-Rupika ChopraEvidently the Punjabi KudiRupika Chopra has gone aggro and denying any truth about my post. But then at fashionscandal only hard truths are published and all stories are posted only after thoroughly verifying facts. Miss Chopra may be feeling the heat but then that doesn’t make the news false. To substantiate my story I am posting pictures of Rupika Chopra and Raja Dhody, which aren’t morphed and she may get them tested from any forensic lab about their authenticity.

in fact if we start writing about Rupika Chopra’s exploits in Delhi, this site will become an ‘Adult Site’. Madam you are welcome to challenge the facts!

A New Sugar-Daddy

Raja Dhody_Sugar DaddyRupika-ChopraThere is an addition to the infamous list of Desi Sugar-Daddies. This Sugar-Daddy is from Mumbai and is a globe-trotter and is twice divorced. I am talking about Raja Dhody. After his daughter’s marriage, Raja  hardly stays in Mumbai. He is globe-totting with his pal – Vijay Mallya. Raja is seeing this wannabe from Chandigarh called Rupika Chopra. This 29-year-old is a veteran gold-digger. Before latching on to Raja, she was having an affair with a former tennis player. Then she moved on to another Delhi money-bag who runs a finance company. In fact Rupika was an employee in the finance company. Eventually she met Raja Dhody through common friends and discovered him to be her best-catch till now.

Rupika ChopraWho is Rupika? Well nothing much to write about her besides the fact that she mastered the art of ‘climbing ladders‘ and is a pro in ‘pussy-management’. She originally hails from Chandigarh and pleaded with her girlfriends to let her stay with them in Delhi. Rupika also participated in a random beauty pageant where she couldn’t even make it to top-20 even after ‘couching’ with the organizers.

However Rupika is now enjoying high-life with Raja Dhody who is spending most of his time in London. Courtesy Raja, she is staying at expensive Vijay-Mallya-Raja-Dhodyhotels like Grosvenor, Dorchester and Four Seasons and sipping Cristal. But that hasn’t stopped this Punjabi-Kudi from bitching about her Sugar-Daddy. She boasts to her friends that Raja is very possessive about her and has hired a detective agency to keep track of her movements. Rupika also claims that Raja wants to tie-the-knot. Ha-ha-ha!

Raja Dhody had two bad-marriages but then I feel bad at what he got stuck with. This gold-digger is not worth it!

Desi Aunties & Their Unbridled Hots For Soccer Stars

bipasha_ronaldoronaldo_luizkalizma_shobhaa_de_mallyaRecently I read about Sobhaa De’s ‘overwhelming experience’ aboard Vijay Mallya’s luxury yacht, Kalizma on her Blog. India Forum readers had a lot to comment about it. This is what Sobhaa wrote, “On a personal note, thanks to our host Vijay Mallya, my husband and I were fortunate enough to spend a few nights on the same bed Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor had shared on their splendid yacht, the matchless ‘Kalizma’, which Vijay now owns! As you can imagine, it was an overwhelming experience!!” Well this is not the first time Sobhaa De and her compulsory baggage, dear hubby, Dilip De had enjoyed Mallya’s hospitality aboard his luxurious yacht. Sobhaa De has a weakness for junkets – a scribe’s parlance for all-paid-for-trip! A few years back De was with Vijay Mallya on his yacht holidaying and the beauty was anchored in Monaco. No sooner did Sobhaa De discover it was Ronaldo Luiz’s yacht anchored next to Mallya’s, she  hopped on to Ronaldo’s yacht. Ronaldo was partying with his buddies and babes and had run out of champagne. Star-struck Sobhaa De found it to be the most opportune moment and volunteered to organise some champagne. She quickly got back to Mallya’s yacht and asked a deck-hand to bring over a case of Dom Perignon to Ronaldo’s yacht. Poor Mallya must be cursing under his breath.

Kanika Chandok_aka_Kanika Kapoor_Lionel MessiThen we have this gold-digging NRI Aunty Kanika Chandhok, who post her divorce insists to be called Kanika Kapoor. She was at the nightclub – Project in London where incidentally the biggest soccer star – Lionel Messi dropped in. Kanika jumped all the velvet-ropes and almost landed on Messi and smothered him with kisses. Poor guy was just dealing with her as yet another crazy fan. Kanika literally offered herself on a platter but Messi wasn’t interested in a old hag. But the gold-digger managed to get a snap of hers with Messi, which she flaunts, garnished with some spicy story.

bipasha_ronaldocristiano ronaldo_bipasha basuWe also have B-Town girls running into soccer stars. Most recently it was Priyanka Chopra who met Cristiano Ronaldo in Miami and she too didn’t miss on the the photo-op. which was promptly posted on Twitter. Bollywood Gandu gave the best description on Piggy Chops’ outfit that she looked like the goal-post in that netted ensemble. Bipasha Basu ran into Cristiano Ronaldo in Berlin and they smooched too. It was the final straw that snapped her years old affair with John Abraham.



Sabeer Bhatia ‘Single’ Yet Again

Tanya-Sharma & Sabeer-BhatiaSilicon Valley entrepreneur – Sabeer Bhatia who married Tanya Sharma in an extravagant 3-day affair in Malaysia filed for a divorce in January 2013 at the Superior Court of San Francisco. The cause cited was ‘irreconcilable differences’.

Sabeer Bhatia @ Jaxtr LaunchAnyway the divorce petition has been formalised now but details about how much Bhatia paid Tanya Sharma for an amicable settlement is not known yet. Sabeer and Tanya’s daughter – Ariana however will stay with mother.

Tanya SharmaGrapevine says that Tanya turned out to be a really ‘high-maintenance-wife’ and that’s where things started to go wrong. Well Sabeer Bhatia should have known that he is marrying a gold-digger…