With Love From Afghanistan Mickey???

Splitsville... yet again! High-Flying industrialist Atul Punj, better known as Mickey Punj of Punj Lloyd and his long time companion Bindu Vadera are no longer a Couple. Guess people run out of love and that seems to have happened between Mickey and Bindu.

Now Mickey Punj is spotted with a pretty woman who most likely is from Afghanistan. Couldn’t get her name though.

Hope this one is for keeps Mickey. And Bindu I heard is trying to be happy with her present single status!

The ‘Gold Digger’ Mistress of Delhi Industrialist

Tomorrow, i.e  on the 1st of December 2010, I will bring to you the sordid tale of the Delhi Industrialist’s mistress’ ‘gold-digging’ ways. Madam Nina J, who is a small time caterer, has amassed huge wealth and enjoys luxuries of life courtesy her relationship with the gullible industrialist. But that isn’t all, the greedy mistress nurses an ambitions of getting her son (from her legal husband) a stake in the industrialist’s ventures.

The Industrialist and his Mistress: Part 1

This is a story of a top industrialist from Delhi. The 3 brothers are the biggest bottler of a beverage major and controls 60% market share. The group now has diversified in to pizza and coffee chains and beer too.

The middle brother’s love story is both tragic and stupid. He eloped with his wife’s cousin sister, celebrated honeymoon in Tokyo but came back home when his credit cards were blocked and accounts sealed. If it was true love, he would had started his life from scratch and not come running home when money ran out. His girlfriend, Nina meanwhile got married too, and became Nina Jhunjhunwala. Both the industrialist and his lover carried on seeing each other on the sly.

Nina Jhunjhunwala’s husband passed away and the lady was rather happy. She moved from Kanpur to Mumbai and secretly married the already married industrialist and changed her name to Nina J (the initial of the industrialists surname). The lover industrialist bough her a apartment worth Crores in Juhu and virtually took care of her and her two childrens’ extravagant expenses, hardly aware that the lady he loved was just a gold-digger. Not only sucking the lovelorn industrialist of his money, Nina started interfering in his business decisions and poisoning him against his legally wedded wife. The younger brother of the family forged much ahead and today he is the shining star of the company while the middle ‘lover’ brother stagnated with his focus getting waivered playing a dual life.

But living a lie is not easy. It was becoming difficult for the industrialist to hide his dual life and the wife got the wind of it. Adding to that, the mistress never missed an opportunity to flaunt the industrialist’s name as her husband and flaunted dependant cards using the industrialist’s surname as her own.


Watch out for our Biggest ever scandalous Expose on Monday!

Fashionscandal will bring to you a 30-year old lie that the country biggest Bottler King has been hiding, on coming Monday, the 29th of November 2010.

The scandalous life of this Delhi based industrialist is shameful, disgusting and has been a painful ordeal for his family.

Monday we will take off the veil on this industrialists dual life!