Did Sahara Get Out of IPL/Cricket to Get Into Defence Business?

Sahara Shri_Subroto RoyKnicker Flash @ IPL MatchSahara ShriSubroto Roy may have announced exiting from IPL’s Pune Franchise and terminating the sponsorship of the Indian Cricket Team due to bad treatment meted out to him by BCCI head-honcho, the stubborn N. Srinivasan and encashing of the Bank Guarantee. But that may be just a smart move on Sahara Shri’s part to exit from IPL where he sunk in Rs.1700 Crores for Pune Franchise for 10 years. Recovering Rs.1700 Crores over 10 years through Pune Warriors seemed like an impossible task and on the other hand since the Government of India allowed private participation in Defence Industry, the biggies are plunging in. We already have Tatas, Mahindras and few more.

Sahara is planning to invest Rs.1500 Crores in a Defence Company -Pipavav Defence & Offshore Ltd, which is lately much in news. Nikhil Gandhi, the man behind Pipavav is a ‘Rag to Riches’ story and has many grey shades. However wonder why the group is so hush-hush about it and dealing through a rogue and tainted stock market manipulator, Vimal Rathod who was trapped by SEBI during his stock market manipulation for Karuturi Global??? Sahara has already bought in shares worth Rs. 150 Crores in Pipavav and now holds more than 10% stake in the company.

IPL 6Now see the maths that fits so well that it makes me believe that Sahara’s exit from IPL and/or Cricket sponsorship in general is not about N. Srinivasan and Subroto Roy ego-tussle but something else. Sahara didn’t pay BCCI the yearly instalment of Rs. 170 Crore arguing that the franchise price needs renegotiation. But then shares worth Rs. 150 Crores in the said defence company was done just weeks before BCCI encashed Sahara’s Bank Guarantee. Rs.1700 Crores was the cost of Pune Franchise – a losing deal the way Pune Warriors were going. Why not invest Rs. 1500 Crores in lucrative defence business as India is one of the world’s top defence spenders that is looking to modernise its military. 

More on this to follow…

PZ’s Belly-Bulge & Shraddha Kapoor’s Knicker-Flash

ShraddhaKapoor_Knicker FlashLatest Bollywood entrant and star-daughter, Shraddha Kapoor recently had a fashion faux-pas moment. At a function, Shraddha wore a black sequined short dress and flesh-toned knickers. Couldn’t really understand the colour choice for the underwear. Wouldn’t black been the apt colour??? Anyway wearing contrast colour panty was a hidden fashion blunder on Shraddha Kapoor’s part but flashing them while sitting definitely was a blatant fashion faux-pas. I fail to understand why can’t they sit ‘propah’ while wearing a short dress.

Preity Zinta_Belly BulgeMy dearest Preity Zinta has been busy with IPL and is judiciously present at all the King’s XI Punjab’s matches. She relegiously dons custom-made Kings XI logoed tops and salwar-kameezs. But at one of the recent matches I discovered that PZ has let her belly grow. Must be relieved after PVR agreed to distribute her Ishq In Paris, Preity must be indulging in Punjab’s butter-chicken and dal-makhani. In the picture here PZ’s belly-bulge is very prominent. Poor girl wasn’t aware of the camera on her or else she would had taken a deep breath and sucked in her tummy.

Bollywood Stars & Their Run-In With The Law

sanjay-duttIf 2012 was a great year for the Indian Movie Industry aka Bollywood, what with films setting new Box Office records by grossing over Rs.100 Crores, Rs. 200 Crores and out-of-the-box movies like Barfi, Kahani and Gangs of Wasseypur not only getting critical acclaim but turning to be a hit at the Box Office too.

Salman KhanSaif Ali KhanNeelam & tabuBut 2013 has started on a somber note for Bollywood. Sanjay Dutt was convicted by Supreme Court in the 1993 Mumbai Blast Case and was sentenced to 5-years imprisonment. Today the age-old Black-Buck case in Jodhpur that had indicted Salman Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Neelam, Sonali Bendre and Tabu will be heard in the court and possible judgement would be pronounced. Salman Khan’s hit-and-run case is still sub-judice and he has a new case to deal with where fishermen have accused Salman Khan and his bodyguards of manhandling, threatening and causing damage to property. This small fishermen’s colony is just opposite the new bungalow that Sallu bhai has purchased.

Preity-Zinta-1sonali bendreThen we have Preity Zinta’s run-in with the Enforcement Directorate who recently probed her on the source of funds that she had invested in her IPL Team. Of course there are zillion of unverified reports of fimstars’ run-in with the law. Like recently it was reported that Saif Ali Khan manhandled a CISF man who asked him to vacate the VIP Lounge at the Lucknow Airport or Bipasha Basu being stopped at the Customs for carrying in undeclared valuables…

I think as we celebrate the 100 years of Indian Cinema, all the pending cases against our film stars should come to conclusion. It would be ideal way to celebrate 100 years of Indian Cinema.

ZOHAL HAMID Digs Gold Rather Than Design Gold Jewelery

Zohal Hamid accusing Royal Challengers Bangalore player Luke Pomersbach for molesting her and beating up her fiancee, Sahil Peerzada and Siddharth Mallya for defamation and then back-tracking on all the cases post Sahil’s release from the hospital is awfully irresponsible act and shouldn’t be pardoned. The reason behind the backtracking is the hidden skeletons in Sahil and Zohal’s closet and the blatant lies that Zohal blurted out in front of media to gain sympathy.

Zohal is from Afghanistan and first moved to India before migrating to US. She is not a jewellery designer. If she is anything, it can be best described as a gold-digger party girl harbouring lofty ambitions of making it in BollywoodThe claim that Sahil Peerzada is Zohal’s fiancee and that they have been dating for around 4-5 years is all but lies. Zohal was seeing a Delhi based guy – Basant Chawla who owns the Fun ‘N’ Food Village till beginning of 2011 and Sahil Peerzada was seeing Gauhar Khan and also made an appearance on the reality show – ‘The Khan Sisters’ six months back as Gauhar’s ex. Hence the story of Zohal and Sahid being dating since past 4-5 years is bull-crap. There are reports of Zohal Hamid divorcing her American husband who paid US Dollars 200,000 as settlement.

Why were Sahil Peerzada and Zohal were staying in a room booked under Deccan Challengers? Well the answer is that he is the front-man of some investment made by a big-shot in Deccan Chargers Team. The story that Luke Pomersbach followed Zohal and Sahil to their room for a drink isn’t the fact. In fact they went there to ‘Powder his Noses’! What followed was euphoric and aggressive moments and fist-fight.

Sahil (whose real name is Sajjid) Peerzada who likes to hang around with his Bollywood friends was totally against any case against RCB Player as he did not want to get on the wrong-side of the Mallyas who have considerable clout in B-Town. Also he knew that if the case of molestation and fight and defamation are pursued lot of skeletons will roll out from his closet. And he cared a damn if Zohal’s character was assasinated or defamed. They have no right to waste the precious time the Police and The Courts.

The pictures here tell you the story of Zohal and Sahil and their wannabe ways with B-Town crowd. This pictures have never been published before and are exclusive of



The self-proclaimed King of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan who recently made some arrogant statements like, “I am the owner of KKR, I am the mentor of KKR and I am the god of KKR”, literally thinks he is above law. Whatever happened on Wednesday night – Thursday morning at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai post KKR’s win over Mumbai Indians match was absolutely atrocious.

Being the owner of an IPL Team doesn’t give SRK rights to let his kids and bunch of their friends play at the cricket ground beyond midnight. And when a Security Officer asks the kids to wrap-up, the loving daddy that SRK is, loses cool and gets in to a fracas with the Security guy who was just doing his job. SRK claims that the a kid was dragged by the security but none of the images show that. All we see is an aggressive SRK and a security person whistling and directing kids to get off the field. Here is the audio of the fracas where you can hear SRK abusing. Is it okay for Shahrukh to use the ‘F’ word and the ‘MC’ word in front of his daughter? 

AUDIO: http://ishare.rediff.com/video/cricket/listen-to-srk-s-outburst-at-wankhede-/6884603

Anyway nothing will happen to him as IPL Chairman, Rajeev Shukla is a buddy of SRK and every time he gets hauled up in the American airports, the first call that SRK makes is to Rajeev Shukla. Other Team Owners too will take his side and his best-buddy – the disgraced Lalit Modi is going crazy on Tweeter stating SRK is integral part of IPL and it is he who brokered peace between Sahara and BCCI when Sahara threatened to cancel the sponsorship of Team India.

I was rather amazed at Shahrukh’s blatant lie – “I don’t drink, except socially”. Well I have seen him dead-drunk at umpteen occasions. Come on Shahrukh, with greatness comes humility and that is what makes a person great!