Galliano Is Still ‘Righting His Wrongs’

Galliano@Connectgalliano-to-margiela-copyFor a man and that too a celebrity who screwed up big time with his anti-semitic rant to go to a Jewish Synagogue as a ‘Keynote Speaker’ is a big deal. Yes I am talking about designer John Galliano who will be the keynote speaker at a London lecture series called Connect, hosted by local synagogues and aimed at bringing together like-minded Jews.

John Galliano with Jonathan NewhouseAfter his magnificent debut for Maison Margiela, John Galliano is doing all things right with the help of few friends who stood by him when the fashion world dumped him. One such friend is Condé Nast International CEO Jonathan Newhouse, who developed a friendship while Galliano when he was in recovery. He stated in a Conde Nast publication that he “gave him books about the Holocaust and Jewish history and opened some doors to the Jewish community,” including introducing him to Rabbi Barry Marcus from Central Synagogue, “with whom he established a dialogue”.

The Central Synagogue website stated:

Connect – Fashion with John Galliano – 28th May

CONNECT , a new initiative created by the Central , New West End  and Western Marble Arch Synagogues as a way of bringing Jews and Jewish learning back into the West End.

Each evening will have a particular theme and our inaugural theme is FASHION.

The Keynote speaker for the evening will be John Galliano in conversation with a panel of other people discussing Fashion and other.

John-Galliano-for-Maison-Martin-MargielaWith support from powerful friends and a prime contract with Maison Margiela, Galliano’s comeback may already be secure, so it’s nice to see that he’s not resting on his laurels — and is still working on righting his wrongs.

Galliano is Back With A Bang

0112MARGIELASHOW-slide-T04U-jumboJohnGallianoJohn Galliano presented his debut collection for Martin Margiela as its Creative Director in London yesterday. Earlier it was announced that Galliano will make his comeback with Margiela at the forthcoming Paris Couture Week but for some reasons Maison Margiela decided to have the show in London. The collection will be shown at the Paris Couture Week too.

Margiela-Galliano2Margiela-Galliano3Undoubtedly the expectations were very high from John Galliano making his return to the fashion scene after a long hiatus. His debut collection for Martin Margiela was great and Galliano kind of lived up to the expectations. He stuck to some Margiela ‘norms’ like covering the faces of the models with red tulle and some devilish masks.

Margiela_galliano3Margiela-Galliano1John Galliano’s signature bold and unapologetic style was evident in his debut collection for Martin Margiela like the exaggerated cuffs on the swing coat, rubberized leggings and shoes shaped like hoofs. Interestingly there were some uncomplicated and wearable pieces like cargo jacket worn inside out and turtle neck vest-jacket. All in all the ‘artisanal’ Martin Margiela collection by John Galliano was great and make us wanting more from the enfant terrible of Couture!

Galliano Wins Round-1 of Litigations Against Dior

John Galliano appeared victorious in an early round of litigation against his former employer, Christian Dior. In the hearing, it was revealed that the designer made $7.7 million annually as Creative Director of Christian Dior Couture and his own label.

John Galliano, the disgraced designer who was fired from Christian Dior after anti-semetic rants in a Paris bar, is finally firing back. Yesterday (Monday), he won the first round in a case against Dior in French Labor Relations Court, according to his lawyer, Chantal Giraud-van Gaver of Coblence & Associés. The court ruled that it was fit to hear the designer’s claims against his dismissal from Dior in March 2011. The lawyer for Christian Dior Couture, argued that the case should be heard by a commercial court because of the elaborate contracts held between the house at the designer. That lawyer, Jean Néret of Jeantet Associés, argued that Galliano should be viewed as an independent contractor of the company, rather than as an employee.

Dior reportedly has 15 days to contest the ruling. If it opposes, the case will go to the court of appeals in seven to nine months.

By the way during the trial, the details of Galliano’s salary was revealed. He earned a fixed gross annual salary of 1 million euros (around $1.3 million) at Christian Dior Couture, as well as $906,400 in “variable compensation,” a wardrobe budget of 30,000 euros (about $38,850), and a grooming budget of $77,700 for personal appearances. And that was just Dior: Galliano also operated his own namesake brand, where he apparently earned a fixed gross salary of 2 million euros (roughly $2.6 million) and a separate clothing budget of 70,000 euros (or $90,650). In addition, Galliano got paid separately as a consultant for Christian Dior Couture and Parfums Christian Dior on creative matters like ad campaigns, runway shows, and Websites. 


LVMH’s Loss Maybe PPR’s Gain

John Galliano post the ‘Jewgate’ scandal last year had to exit Dior, the luxe label owned by Luxury Conglomerate – Louis Vuitton Moet Henessey (LVMH). But now the second biggest luxury group – PPR headed by François-Henri Pinault as the Group’s Chairman is in talks with John Galliano to make PPR’s debut foray in to Haute Couture

None of PPR’s current fashion brands in its portfolio are included in the Haute Couture sphere. Gucci’s Creative Director Frida Giannini has an agreement with PPR to do limited edition evening gowns collection, worn by celebrities such as actress Salma Hayek at red-carpet events. By the way Salma Hayek is married to PPR Chairman, François-Henri Pinault.

French retail conglomerate PPR is in an acquisition spree and recently completed its acquisition of 100 per cent of Italian tailor Brioni. The esoteric label – Brioni will now become a key player in PPR’s move into accessories and expansion in the Asian market.


I find it rather hard to believe but Vogue UK is reporting that Alexander Wang is the designer who is considered for the prestigious job at DIOR. The magazine claims that a ‘source close to LVMH’ provided them with this inside news. I find it hard to believe that Alexander Wang is considered for the Dior job because Wang is way too young in the industry and his fashion sensibilities are more inclined towards ‘Streetwear’ than ‘Couture’.

While Vogue UK may insist that insiders say Alexander Wang “is the new name in the frame for the Dior job,” they’re quick to add that “industry experts may scoff at the idea.” But then what happened to other contenders? Marc Jacobs who openly stated during New York Fashion Week that he is game for the JOB did not get it reportedly because he asked for a huge price – as huge as 10 Million Dollars. The other contender – Ricardo Tisci is very content with Givenchy and politely turned down the Dior offer. Vogue UK also reports the LVMH insider stating, “for Dior, it’s a pretty tricky situation, as the three favorites really can’t take the job. Haider Ackermann is said to be ‘way too edgy’ for Dior“.

So the mystery on who will replace the maverick John Galliano continues and if the latest report from Vogue UK on Alexander Wang grabbing the coveted Dior job is to be believed then it really comes as a big surprise. But I will wait till Dior makes the Official Announcement!