Kanika (Chandok) Kapoor Mastered Bollywood’s ‘Art of Dirty Games’

Meet Bros_Kanika_Sunny Leone_Baby DollMy daahling ‘Gold Digger’, Kanika (Chandok) Kapoor sang a song in Ragini MMS 2 – ‘Baby Doll’. Yes she is a part-time singer and her new BFF – Ekta Kapoor gave her the chance to sing in a Bollywood flick. Baby Doll was composed by Kanika’s old friend and fellow NRI – Dr. Zeus but the poor guy never got any credit for composing the song. The ‘bhais’Meet Brothers usurped all the credit and Kanika Kapoor did not come forward to defend her old friend, Dr. Zeus. She gave dozens of interviews on Tv, newspapers and radio but never once did she come out with the truth that it was Dr. Zeus who composed ‘Baby Doll’ with her. She is like any of those ambitious climbers who are willing to trample on anybody and everybody to further their career. The word ‘ethics’ does not exist in Kanika Kapoor’s vocabulary just like it does not exist in Meet Brother’s lives and many such Bollywood denizens.

Zeus_Kanika_JugniThe Meet Brothers were brazen enough to say, ‘We are the “Bhais” of Bollywood and we will do what we want.’ Okay at least the brothers are honest about it but you Kanika, you better don’t claim yourself to be a friend of Dr. Zeus since you have forgotten things he had done for you and now you don’t need him so you rather side with the ‘Bhais’. Remember KARMA settle all accounts.

kanika_sunny24sunny-leoneEkta KapoorBy the way Kanika (Chandok) Kapoor thinks she is sexier than Sunny Leone. What do you say guys??? Now that Ekta Kapoor and Sunny Leone have fallen out, Kanika must be dreaming of bagging the lead role in the 3rd Edition of Ragini MMS!



Desi Aunties & Their Unbridled Hots For Soccer Stars

bipasha_ronaldoronaldo_luizkalizma_shobhaa_de_mallyaRecently I read about Sobhaa De’s ‘overwhelming experience’ aboard Vijay Mallya’s luxury yacht, Kalizma on her Blog. India Forum readers had a lot to comment about it. This is what Sobhaa wrote, “On a personal note, thanks to our host Vijay Mallya, my husband and I were fortunate enough to spend a few nights on the same bed Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor had shared on their splendid yacht, the matchless ‘Kalizma’, which Vijay now owns! As you can imagine, it was an overwhelming experience!!” Well this is not the first time Sobhaa De and her compulsory baggage, dear hubby, Dilip De had enjoyed Mallya’s hospitality aboard his luxurious yacht. Sobhaa De has a weakness for junkets – a scribe’s parlance for all-paid-for-trip! A few years back De was with Vijay Mallya on his yacht holidaying and the beauty was anchored in Monaco. No sooner did Sobhaa De discover it was Ronaldo Luiz’s yacht anchored next to Mallya’s, she  hopped on to Ronaldo’s yacht. Ronaldo was partying with his buddies and babes and had run out of champagne. Star-struck Sobhaa De found it to be the most opportune moment and volunteered to organise some champagne. She quickly got back to Mallya’s yacht and asked a deck-hand to bring over a case of Dom Perignon to Ronaldo’s yacht. Poor Mallya must be cursing under his breath.

Kanika Chandok_aka_Kanika Kapoor_Lionel MessiThen we have this gold-digging NRI Aunty Kanika Chandhok, who post her divorce insists to be called Kanika Kapoor. She was at the nightclub – Project in London where incidentally the biggest soccer star – Lionel Messi dropped in. Kanika jumped all the velvet-ropes and almost landed on Messi and smothered him with kisses. Poor guy was just dealing with her as yet another crazy fan. Kanika literally offered herself on a platter but Messi wasn’t interested in a old hag. But the gold-digger managed to get a snap of hers with Messi, which she flaunts, garnished with some spicy story.

bipasha_ronaldocristiano ronaldo_bipasha basuWe also have B-Town girls running into soccer stars. Most recently it was Priyanka Chopra who met Cristiano Ronaldo in Miami and she too didn’t miss on the the photo-op. which was promptly posted on Twitter. Bollywood Gandu gave the best description on Piggy Chops’ outfit that she looked like the goal-post in that netted ensemble. Bipasha Basu ran into Cristiano Ronaldo in Berlin and they smooched too. It was the final straw that snapped her years old affair with John Abraham.



Has Vedanta Entered The Media Business?

Vedanta_190As per highly placed sources, Anil Agarwal of Vedanta has picked up majority stake in a cash-strapped media house. The billionaire NRI hasn’t been deterred by the Supreme Court’s decision on leaving the onus on the natives and tribals on handling their land to industry, which affected Agarwal’s ambitious Odisha project.

ANIL AGARWAL_VEDANTAAnil Agarwal has been on an investing spree in India and must have realised that owning controlling stakes in a media conglomerate would be a smart investment to mobilise public opinion. As per sources, the cash-strapped media house was bleeding and was on the look out for a buyer. The conglomerate had earlier divested considerable stake to another industrial house.

So if the news of Anil Agarwal of Vedanta buying into this mega Media House is true, it would be interesting to see how Agarwal and the other big stake holder work in tandem in running the business.

Tycoons And Their Trophy Gals

More and more business tycoons are going for ‘Trophy Girlfriends’ and splurging insane amounts on them. It is sort of becoming a trend with Desi Tycoons!

The most infamous tycoon and his trophy gal involves none other than  Mallika Sherawat. She lives in Los Angeles for the better part of the year. Mallika Sherawat has a penthouse apartment at one of the swankiest locations in Beverly Hills The Palazzo. Mallika’s two-story penthouse has a city view,  arched windows, city views, controlled elevator access (only she can use it to get to her penthouse), large private terraces and a personal swimming pool (5500 sq feet in area) with two levels a drawing, dining and kitchen below with two bedrooms above. And Roman soaking tubs. It even has an original Picasso painting. Now does Mallika earn enough to sustain such a lifestyle? The answer is a ‘NO’. The penthouse rent is paid by a NRI Tycoon based out of London and he is the richest NRI. Not only a penthouse, Mallika’s tycoon lover pays for her publicist, stylist and shopping and also allows the Haryanvi Sex Bomb the luxury of his private jet. In return Mallika has to make herself available to her billionaire lover at his beck and call, which fortunately is not very often as the tycoon needs to be very discreet.

The other business tycoon who has been smitten by the beauty of Hyderabadi lawyer cum model cum beauty queen – Vasuka Sunkavalli is from the Capital City. He had a live-in relationship for a long time with one of Delhi’s old socialite, which unceremoniously ended last year. Then this tycoon – who is in Infrastructure business had a short stint with an Afghani beauty but that too ended soon when the tycoon met Vasuki during Indian Grand Prix last year. If you still haven’t placed the man – well all I can say is that he is more known by his nick name, which is rather ‘Mousey’!

Yet another billionaire NRI is based out of London too. This man has a penchant for trophy gals half his age. In fact all the three tycoons have trophy gals who are half their ages! The London based NRI who is in mining and more is seeing Kanika Chandok and their alleged relation has costed Ms. Kanika her marriage. I had posted about her earlier. You can read it here: http://wp.me/p1C8a1-134

Who Is This Kanika Chandok?

Well Kanika Chandok is a NRI – a Londoner who gets fancy things written about her in Indian Mags and Dubai glossies. A mother of three – Kanika Chandok has separated from her hubby – Raj Chandok and is dating a Money-Bag – Anil Aggarwal. She is a typical ‘Trophy Wife’ material who claims to be “doing something great with Pucci.” You know what great thing she did with Pucci? Well Kanika Chandok managed the launch of Pucci’s flagship store in London. But ignorant scribes write, “Sharing a close relationship with fashion house, Pucci, Kanika is currently working on exclusive collaborations with the respected label.” I sent few mails to the Pucci HQ and got a rude reply that the Label has no collaborations with the mentioned lady.

She is also a musician and by sucking up the richie-rich Indians in UK managed to bag some vague award.

I believe that Kanika Chandok is friendly with our Desi Queen Bees and expect to see lot more of this multifaceted bag-hag in Delhi and Mumbai soon.