Who are these so-called P3Ps???

It’s beyond doubt that the Page 3 has lost sheen. Those were the days when we were briefed, “P3Ps are those people who work hard and party hard too and are aspirational role-models for the readers”. This credo doesn’t work anymore thanks to the dawn of the era of Medianet & PR Agency created P3Ps a-la Poonam Sethi – Tarot Reader, Bikaram Sharma…oops…Baidyanath (The dude changed his surname coz a Sharma can be a grocer or a chemist and to add his Company’s name in the photo-caption, he had to pay ‘Corporate Rates’ to Medianet, which was twice the ‘Individual Rates’. Hence he conceptualized a new name where he replaced Sharma with the Company/Brand name- Bikaram Baidyanath. Smart move, huh???) and a vague designer duo – Kapil and Monika. Some of these Medianet P3P s graduated to be featured in Page 3s of non Medianet tabloids too. Tashu too started as Medianet P3P. I still don’t know what Ammu Saidi does or what’s her claim to fame besides the fact that she is loaded with moolah. Ammu is rarely spotted with her better-half, who I am sure must be slogging to earn the moolah for the Rocks the adorn his begum’s dainty fingers. And can anybody tell me what aspirational values do these creatures instill in our readers? Thanks to her money-power, pushy PR agents and some unholy media nexus Ammu beams out of P3s every now and then. Do you recall a charity fashion show hosted be Leena and Ashima for Khushii? Well there was tussle between Ammu Saidi and Tanisha Mohan for being the show-stopper celebrity on the ramp. Guess what? Truce was worked out and both walked with Irrfan Khan after bidding jointly  for the show-stopper outfits. I am khush coz Khushii benefited!

The designer duo – Kapil and Monika…gawd…they are an insult to P3P. Their gaudy creations will rape your aesthetics and their poses for the shutterbugs are hilarious. Why should I see him every weekend as I flip through the ‘haloed’ (or whored) Page 3?