Kareena Kapoor as Show-Stopper @ LFW Grand Finales

Kareena_Namrata Joshipura_ Grand Finale of LFW SR 2013 - 5Kareena Kapoor_Namrata Joshipura_LFW Grand FinaleSince Bollywood Diva – Kareena Kapoor signed on to endorse the Lakme Absolute range of colour cosmetics, she has been one of the shiniest factor for Lakme Fashion Week (LFW), held bi-annually in Mumbai. If I recall right – since Bebo signed-up with Lakme, she has been the show-stopper for two grand finale shows – Manish Malhotra’s Summer/Resort 2012 and Kallol Datta and Pankaj & Nidhi’s Winter/Festive 2012. Tonite Kareena Kapoor will be there as a show-stopper for talented designer – Namrata Joshipura’s grand finale show.

Bollywood-actress-Kareena-Kapoor-walks-the-ramp-with-designer-Kallol-Datta-during-the-grand-finale-of-Lakme-Fashion-Week-LFW-2012-in-Mumbai-kareena_pankaj & nidhiFortunately, including this season, it has been Delhi Designers who had been doing Lakme Fashion Week’s Grand Finale shows. Kareena Kapoor as a show-stopper gives a major boost to the Delhi based designers amongst Bollywood’s fashionistas. We had seen that for Pankaj & Nidhi. But Joshipura is already popular amongst B-Town actresses and star wives. Still Bebo’s tadka is always welcome. Wadddyyyaaa Say???

kareena kapoor_manish malhotraKareena Kapoor in a Manish Malhotra gown a year back was a disaster. The outfit of that kind you see at passing-out shows of students from nondescript fashion schools. The following season, Bebo wore a Kallol Datta printed shirt-dress. Very ‘Kallol’ but too low on ‘glam’ for somebody like Kareena. Pankaj & Nidhi’s tassled leather number got mired in controversy so I will skip commenting on it. But yeah tonite I Kareena Kapoor did dazzle in Namrata Joshipura’s candy-floss colour scheme. But how I wished Bebo would had worn the sexy orange flared mini skirt (the one she is wearing in the Top-Right picture) instead of the neon pink pleated palazzos that makes her look stunted. But then I have heard that Kareena is very difficult to deal and a designer may not always get her to wear what they would had preferred.

‘Cultured Nawab’…My ASS

I have a first hand experience of Saif Ali Khan’s angry moments. This was when I was with HT Citty. My photographer colleague , Rajesh Kashyap and I spotted Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor together at a Delhi nightspot. This was the time when Saif and Kareena did not come out openly about their affair. My colleague took a picture of Saif-Kareena together and pronto Saif came, snatched the camera and deleted all the pictures. So all those – Sobha De and Alyque Padamsee  – who are tom-toming about Saif being a good and cultured boy  probably haven’t seen the bad side of the Nawab.

Here is what one of my favourite BlogBollywood Basket posted on Saif Ali Kan and his Chamcha, Shakeel Ladak’s brawl at Wasabi with NRI Iqbal Sharma. Also heard on Television Iqbal Sharma’s father-in-law stating that Saif was frequently going out of the restaurant and returning. Were those the visits to the Powder Room??? Anyway I am reproducing that Post here:

SAK surrendered to the Police with his son in tow. Way to go on the life lessons, Daddy!
Per TOI:

Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan was brought by Mumbai police to the Colaba Police station for interrogation in a case relating to an assault on an NRI businessman on Wednesday evening. According to reports, he was questioned, charged with assault and then granted bail. 

Earlier, the actor got into a scuffle in a five star hotel restaurant last night and apparently punched a man in his face and broke his nose. [Is this what they teach in Nawab school?]

A case under section 325 of the IPC had been registered against Saif. The incident took place last night at Wasabi restaurant, Taj Hotel when he, along with Kareena, Malaika Arora Khan, Amrita Arora Ladak and a few friends, were having dinner.

Iqbal M Sharma, a temporary resident of Juhu, was sitting with his family at an adjoining table. According to reports, Iqbal complained about the clamour that Saif and his friends made. This ticked off Saif and a scuffle broke between the two. Saif, reportedly, told Iqbal to go to a library to find quiet. [Ooh nice almost insult, Saif Uncle!]

Some reports suggested that the fight actually broke between Amrita Arora Ladak’s husband Shakeel Ladak and Iqbal. But it was only when Saif intervened that he got into a brawl with Iqbal.

Post the scuffle, Iqbal lodged a complaint that Saif and two of his associates assaulted him with fist blows, causing fracture to his nose. A case has been registered against the actor with the Colaba police station.

According to Times Now, Iqbal M Sharma is the deputy director of department of trade & investment, South Africa. He is a South African national of Indian origin. Iqbal told Times Now that Saif and his friends abused him and his father-in-law verbally and assaulted them physically.

Hawaldar Welkar of the Colaba Police station in Mumbai confirmed the news and told us, “Yes, a case was registered against Saif Ali Khan by Iqbal Sharma, last night for some fight that took place between them in Hotel Taj last night. Rest of the details are with my boss ACP Iqbal Sheikh.”

When contacted ACP Iqbal Sheikh said, “We are conducting an inquiry into the matter and we will be questioning every one involved in this case. If required we will be arresting who ever is at fault.”

Meanwhile the people at Wasabi refused to comment on the incident. Pankaj Singh, the floor manager at the Wasabi said, “I wasn’t here last night so I don’t know about anything that happened at the restaurant nor have I heard anything from anyone here.” [So f*cking typical! God forbid, Bollywood stars stop eating there…]

I Was Fortunate To Meet Tiger Pataudi

R. I. P Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi! You were indeed a ‘Noble’ Soul.

It was during my first job with Dev Features – A Sports Management Company owned by Kapil Dev that I got this opportunity to know Tiger Pataudi up, close and personel. Dev Features used to produce a monthly Sports Video Magazine – Sports Channel and Tiger Pataudi used to Anchor the Video Magazine. This was way back in 1991-92. Once I tagged along with our production team to Tiger’s house and from there proceeded to a studio with Pataudi to do the Voice Over Recording.

At his residence, Tiger was at ease in a kurta-pyajama and seeing us he hurriedly went in to dress. Pataudi was Blue-Blooded but none of the Royal Arrogance came across in his demeanour. He was hospitable, charming and friendly. We drove with Pataudi to the Studio and guess what, he carried his glass of Scotch along. He chatted about Kapil and shared some interesting anecdotes from his Cricketing days.

At the Studio MAK Pataudi went over the script and pleaded, “Guys you got to change these words. I can’t pronounce them.” Pataudi slurred while pronouncing some words but being a perfectionist, instead of going ahead with those words, he asked for a change so that the final commentary sounds perfect.

What impressed me in those two-three meetings was Pataudi’s warmth, friendliness and total absence of that irritable arrogance most Royalties indulge in. I have met quiet a few so-called Royalties who may be paupers compared to Nawab Pataudi but their snootiness were deplorable.

I also met Pataudi’s son – filmstar Saif Ali Khan Pataudi and from whatever little I can realise from those meetings, Saif has got the traits of his father. At least compared to his lady-love – Kareena Kapoor, Saif comes across to be a down-to-earth guy.

Only Manish Malhotra Can Do This…

I always felt that designer Manish Malhotra is a better Stylist than a Designer. But then in India anybody who can lure in some Bollywood glitz becomes a designer worthy of a ‘Grand Finale’ slot. Manish Malhotra’s Grand Finale show at the Lakme Fashion Week yet again disappointed the REAL fashion writers and fashionistas. In fact the most appropriate comment I heard about Manish Malhotra’s show at LFW was, “Manish Malhotra’s  “Showstopper” wore a Vampire Prom Queen dress that even Hollywood campy horror movies would consider cheesy. Is this what goes for fashion in India? Felt like hiding my head in shame when I saw it.” Indeed that THING Kareena Kapoor wore was worse than stuff I see at the passing-out shows of many non-descript Fashion Institutes that have mushroomed all over.

Even at the Delhi Couture Week Manish Malhotra showed a collection that was a FUSION of 3 Top Designer’s Signsture styles – Rohit Bal, Sabyasachi and Anamika Khanna. If you look at the picture below closely you will definitely agree with me.

Kareena Kapoor’s Dal-Tadka & Salman’s Enery Drink

It’s no hidden fact that Bollywood star, Kareena Kapoor is a big foodie. She loves Chinese and staple desi stuff. While shooting for Bodyguard with Salman Khan and Sonakshi Sinha at Marriott Courtyard in Pune, Kareena had a big problem with her Peeli Dal. She did not like the preparation and made it a point to communicate it to the Hotel’s GM. I was at audible range and this is what Kareena Kapoor said, “ Your chef can’t make Peeli-Dal. Tell him to mix the Pink Dal (Masoor Dal) with Yellow Dal (Moong Dal) to make the perfect Yellow Dal. In fact, when Chef is here, ask him to call and I’ll explain.”

I am not a foodie, nor do I know much about Dals but I checked it with known foodies and they all said that Kareena was absolutely right. They said that when the Pink-Masoor Dal is mixed with Yellow Moong Dal, the Dal turns out to be ‘karari’ (crispy, I guess). Just Moong Dal makes the Dal very soapy or soggy. I quiet get the point now. Wah Kareena! You should start a restaurant now.

Salman Khan when not shooting used to be at the Hotel Gym. Guess what Sallu Bhai sips at while sweating out at the gym? No it is not Gatorade; it’s Scotch Whiskey! Wah bhai wah!