Kim Kardashian Bares AGAIN

kim_kardashian_for_gq_03-45d37e1e_webkim_kardashian_for_gq_02-8fcc32c4_webkim_kardashian_for_gq_05-323d5fcf_webkim_kardashian_for_gq_06-f5092561_webKim Kardashian when bared all, even posed ‘frontal nude’ for Papermag, everybody knew that nobody would shoot Kim K covered ever again. The prophecy seems to have come true and nobody is complaining. GQ has got Kim Kardashian in all her bootilicious glory for the cover of their ‘sex edition’.

GQ highlighted Kim’s bare asstastic features in all of it’s black and white (and round all over) glory. Not that we haven’t seen her bottom before, but there’s no denying that her chief moneymaker still strikes a rather noteworthy silhouette. Enjoy the images!

Kim Kardashian’s Ass On ‘Love Mag’ (UPDATED)

kimK_loveKim-Kardashian-Nude-And-Eyebrowless-In-Love-Magazine-03-675x900Lust her or dislike her, there’s zero doubt that Kim Kardashian’s butt moves magazine copies. There’s a reason why she’s on the cover of half the magazines at the checkout counter, and on the inside pages of an equal number of magazines they sell in plain brown paper bags to the guys. She’s popular. And, her butt is bare.

Kim-Kardashian-Nude-And-Eyebrowless-In-Love-Magazine-13-675x900To say Kim Kardashian is sneak peeking her enormous thumper is something of a reach. It’s not exactly like Kim K’s ass not been seen before, for years really. However, I’ll say this, this bent over ‘farting’ asstastic pose is something new even for Kim and her thousands of other body part phioto-features.


But yes I have to say this that Kim Kardashian’s is one butt that has made so many millions that not other butt has ever made before. Our Desi butts need to take a lead from Kim Kardashian and exploit them  and go to the bank laughing. Now who all could be the proud Desi owners of moolah -raking butts??? Yes we all know Malaika Arora Khan and her silicone-implant booty but give me more names…

Kim Kardashian NUDE Again on ‘LOVE’ Cover

kim-kardashian-butt-implant-rumourk13g9gewo3rig3giNobody seems to want Kim Kardashian with clothes on anymore. After her frontal-nude cover for Paper Mag, the bubble-butt Kim Kardashian will yet again appear nude on the cover of Love Magazine this week. 

Ace lensman, Steven Klein shot Kim Kardashian in naked glory for the Love Magazine and Klein’s spokesperson claims that he shot Kim for Love before Paper Mag came out with their issue. People who had a peek into the Klein shot cover say that she looks more bloated in this shoot.

Kim_FrontalKim-Kardashian-Big-Booty-in-Paper-Magazine-November-2014-04-cr1415815084779-580x435After Paper Mag nude cover of Kim Kardashian’s buttered-butt and frontal-nude went viral, it seems posing in the nude is the only thing editors want from her. Kim K’s team is upset with her back-to-back nude covers and sarcastically stated, “Nobody wants her with clothes on anymore.”

I don’t know if it is a wise strategy on Kim Kardashian’s part to making nude appearances on covers as her USP. How many more shoots can she do? We’ve seen every part of her body since she stripped for W Magazine five years back and leaked her sex tape!


Kim Kardashian in Bigg Boss 8. Confirmed!

kim-kardashian-butt-implant-rumourNow it is confirmed that the bootilicious Kim Kardashian is going to be a house mate in Bigg Boss 8 this week. Her stay at the house though will only be a couple of days only. Kim Kardashian’s Tweet an hour back confirms her participation in Bigg Boss 8.

KimK_Bigg Boss8

Endemol India offered such a huge amount to Kim Kardashian that she found it hard to decline. After the butt-show and frontal nude shots appeared in Paper Mag, Kim is ‘Breaking the Internet’ and Bigg Boss 8 thought of basking in the new-found-glory of Kim Kardashian and boost its TRP. Just hope that the horny Ali Quli keeps his hands off Kardashian’s butt!


Kim_FrontalForget the butt, Paper Mag just revealed that Kim Kardashian shot full-frontal nudes too. Here it is!


MTI1OTE3NTg4ODEwMTY2MjQyMTI1OTE3NTg4ODEwMTU2MDQyYou can love it; you can hate it; but you can’t ignore it. Yes I am talking about the buttered butt of Kim Kardashian shining on the cover of Paper Magazine’s winter edition. Well it isn’t the first time that Kim Kardashian posed butt-naked. She did it earlier for the W Magazine but used silver body-paint to keep it just wee bit away from being stark naked.

PMRRKim-Kardashian-Big-Booty-in-Paper-Magazine-November-2014-04-cr1415815084779-580x435We all talked and wrote reams on Kim Kardashian’s booty and how magnificently she jiggled it and made millions but there are many here who simply want to see her big ole booty. So heck yeah, let’s cut out the small talk, have her butt do all the talking. Paper Magazine sure will ‘Break the Internet’!