This Modi Shot @ Trump with Fake Gun as NaMo Spoke on Phone with POTUS

Payal-Modi-Die-TrumpPayal-ModiThe Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi had an hour-long telephonic chat with the US President, Donald Trump. NaMo Bhakts were on the top-of-the-world about the fact that he was the 5th global leader with whom President Trump spoke after assuming office. On the other hand, an Indian-American, Payal Modi, a Fine Arts teacher at a Dallas High School, took it upon herself to act out her anti-Trump feelings in front of her class, with a water gun, shooting a video image of Trump on the whiteboard and screaming “Die!”. Not particularly subtle deed to do In front of a class of kids, all of whom you’d expect to have video capturing phones.

Payal Modi is now out on administrative leave while the school district investigates her behavior. Here is the link to the  video of Ms. Modi’s stunt:

Mika-and-ManasviBy the way did anybody see Manasvi Mamgai’s performance at President Trump’s inaugural concert or the welcome balls??? I did not see any. It is so sad that the Press Trust of India (PTI) is putting out ‘FAKE NEWS’“Bollywood actress Manasvi Mamgai lead a dozen odd Indian dancers attired in colourful dresses to enthral several thousands of people gathered at the historic National Mall for the celebrations related to the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States.” Many TV Channels and newspapers carried the ‘Fake News’ without any fact checking. 

DJ-Ravi-Drums-and-the-Rocketbots-performDonald Trump’s Inaugural committee announced the list of Inauguration performers, at both the official event and various D.C. balls around it, that included: Jackie Evancho, Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Radio City Rockettes, Toby Keith, 3 Doors Down, The Piano Guys, Lee Greenwood, DJ Freedom, DJ Ravi Drums (only performer of Indian origin), The Reagan Years and The Frontmen of Country. Manasvi Mamgai was ‘NOT ON THE LIST’.

manasviShame of Manasvi Mamgai to peddle falsehood. She and singer Mika did perform but not at any of President Trump’s inaugural concert and welcome balls but probably at a party hosted by her Sugar-Daddy, Salabh Kumar. Tch-Tch!!!

Manasvi Mamgai’s Sugar-Daddy…Oops ‘Godfather’ Taking Her Places (Update)

donald-trump-manasvislabh_manasviThe debate on whether Salabh Kumar is the father of Manasvi Mamgai should rest now as Salabh’s daughter, Anjali shared the facts on her Twitter handle. Have a look:

Former beauty pageant winner and small-time actor in Bollywood, Manasvi Mamgai has found the perfect ‘sugar-daddy‘ in Indian-American, Salabh Kumar of Replubican Hindu Coalition. Manasvi joined Salabh as the brand ambassadress of his AVG Group of companies and then accompanied the ‘old-man’ in trumping up for Donald Trump during pre-election campaign.

paul ryan_salabh_manasvimanasvi_ivanka_daddyFew days back Salabh Kumar and his sugar met with Donald Trump where as per Manasvi, Trump offered to facilitate Manasvi’s entry in Hollywood. Wow! Some actors hire agents and do auditions to get meaty roles in Hollywood movies and some just have suggadads paving their way. The second option doesn’t really help. Mallika Sherawat is a case in point.

Salabh Kumar is a Modi fan and hence got his arm-candy, Manasvi at the dinner hosted post Narendra Modi’s address to the joint session of US Congress as a guest of speaker of Paul Ryan. The President-elect of United States, Donald Trump and his penchant for young ladies might jumpstart Manasvi Mamgai’s filmy career in Hollywood. Way to go!!!