Queenie & Rishi Sethia Finally Tied The Nuptial-Knot

queenie_rishiYes you heard it here first! Queenie Singh and NRI tycoon, Rishi Sethia got married yesterday. After years of dating Rishi and Queenie are now ‘Man and Wife’. For both It is their second marriage. Queenie was married to Raja Dhody and Rishi Sethia was married to actor Neelam Kothari.

Neelam-Kothari-Ex-Husband-Rishi-SethiaA grand celebration is planned for later this month at St. Tropez where ‘Q’ and ‘Rich’ (Yeah that’s what their friend call them.) will have a blast with their close friends.

Congratulations to Queenie and Rishi on their wedding!

Has Micky Become Hubby?

Vasuki SUNKAVALLI and buisnessman Mickey PUNJ -There is a strong buzz that Atul Punj aka Micky Punj has married his live-in girlfriend, Vasuki Sunkavalli. If it’s true then it is good to see a sugar-daddy tying the knot with his candy.

Vasuki_MickyThe buzz about Micky and Vasuki marriage gets a lot of credence from the fact that Vasuki is now a director in some of the companies owned by Micky Punj. No other lady in his life earlier had earned this privilege before. Great for Vasuki who from being a model and a solicitor is now part owner of companies. The duo – Micky and Vasuki are spotted together in social dos though they are visible at select ones only. If they are now man and wife, congratulations to them!

Gudda’s Ex-Boyfriend – Lalit Tehlan is Married Now

I have had heard that Lalit Tehlan, the model and Rohit Bal’s live-in boyfriend was seeing a firang girl. But I was utterly surprised to discover that Lalit is already married to this girl – Manizhe Karimi, who too is a model, based out of Pune. She was the ‘Fresh New Faces’ at the just concluded WIFW A/W 2011. Rohit Bal was part of the Jury that selected ‘New Faces’ but I don’t see any favouritism here because the Jury was rather diverse.

Lalit got married to Manizhe on the 18th of February 2011 at the Arya Samaj Mandir in Saket, New Delhi. He turned out to be a total Chupa Rustam! Look at the Marriage Certificate below.Now wonder who Rohit Bal a.k.a Gudda is seeing???

Has Priya Sachdev got a new man in her life?

Though Priya Sachdev Chatwal maintains her married status with Vikram Chatwal, hardlt anybody believes her. She has been linked with Sunjay Kapur, which fired the buzz about Sunjay – Karishma divorce and also with certain Mr. ‘G’. Surprising that Priya Sachdev always makes to the list of ‘Eligible dames’ even when she claims to be ‘happily married’.

A little birdie just told me that something’s cooking between Priya Sachdev and Gautam Thapar. Wow. If that’s true then Priya really got a good catch. Gautam Thapar is the Chairman & CEO of the $4 Billion Avantha Group that has Crompton Greaves and BILT within the empire. And I have heard good things about this DOSCO – Gautam Thapar that unlike his other bro, Sameer Thapar, Gauti is a hard worker and a genious. If Priya Sachdev is having an affair with Gautam Thapar then she’ll surely role in money, much more than what Chatwals seem to have.

Will get back to you if Priya and Gautam are actually seeing each other.

Is Pernia getting Hitched?

One of my lovely reader – CattyK – informed us this:

“Pernia’s getting married to some guy in London..so u people can stop slagging her. Delhi’s fashion loss..at least she a bit stylish unlike most of the bimbos out there on the P3 circuit.”

Yes CattyK, Pernia getting married to a London bloke and settling down there is definitely Delhi’s loss. I personally didn’t slag Pernia. Was just to surprised how Pernia can overlook the hem of her dress coming off. I mean, that’s the least I can expect from a true fashionista like Pernia Qureshi. Am I expecting too much CattyK???

Well now if Pernia gets hitched and moves to London, the Page 3 bimbos like Tanisha, Payal, Pushpanjali, Amu, Anjali, Angeli, Itty, Witty, Titty, Vandy, Mandy, Candy will obviously bask in hollow glory and paid and bribed P3 access. But what will happen to Sonam Kapoor? Hope Pernia continues driving fashion sense in to her.