Blatant Nepotism @ India Bridal Fashion Week

Jotsna Tiwari with Husband Vijay SinghIn ten days the India Bridal Fashion Week 2013 takes off for the first time in Delhi. The pet project of Vijay Singh supported by the Sahara Group has gone on a media blitzkrieg with newspaper advertisements and paid editorials through Medianet at Times of India and Brand Solution at Hindustan Times.

Aamby Valley India Bridal Fashion Week2013_Jacqueline Fernandez_AdvertisementSonakshi Sinha_Jyotsna Tiwari_Bridal Week 2012Jacqueline Fernandez is the brand ambassadress of the event and Vijay Singh, the organiser of the Bridal Week has ensured that the Bollywood actress walks exclusive for his wife – Jyotsna Tiwari’s show. Yes I know Alia Bhatt is going to strut the ramp for the finale show by Tarun Tahiliani but it is Jacqueline who is splurged across the print advertisements in Jyotsna Tiwari ensemble. The Advertisements doesn’t fail to give due credit to the fact in print at the the left-hand-bottom corner. In fact Jyotsna Tiwari has been availing this privilege at all the Bridal Weeks courtesy her hubby, Vijay Singh.

Alia Bhatt_Tarun Tahiliani_FinaleCould you imagine a designer – Jyotsna Tiwari – who more than once failed to qualify at FDCI hosted shows getting such a regal treatment and sharing the slot with an established designer like Rina Dhaka??? Jab Mian Hawaldar, Kis Baat Ka Darr! I guess none of the designers are protesting this blatant nepotism as they are paid handsomely to participate in the Bridal Week.


HT BRUNCH Vindicate The Demise of “PAGE 3″ posted on 23rd May 2012 ‘The Demise of PAGE 3″. Thousands agreed with the post and those who polluted it grumbled and threatened me. On 15th July the widely read Sunday Magazine of Hindustan Times – BRUNCH had a Cover Story – “Who Killed Page 3?” It is a well written and an exhaustive piece and also has a quote from your humble blogger! Here is the link to the Brunch story:

It’s not just me but thousands who feel that ‘Page 3′ – the party & gossip section of tabloids is dead. The real achievers who work hard and party hard are shying away from Page 3. Nowadays all you get to see on the once coveted Page 3 are wannabes, PR driven activities and shameless plugs.

One can understand the deterioration of Page 3 of the National Daily that embarked upon the infamous idea of paid editorials – Medianet. Anybody and everybody who is willing to pay for his/her party to be covered is featured. One doesn’t expect real Page 3 stuff from this newspaper. But what shocks me is the appalling degradation of stuff featured by other top newspapers that aren’t bound by a concept like Medianet on their Page 3. In fact Page 3 has become a jamboree of absolute losers, wannabes and random people. High time the Editors take a look and stop the rot.

Come on who the hell are Mamta and Manu Rawal? The newspaper claims they are designers and splash a party hosted by them. Lately they have become Page 3 regulars. Who is Salloli Kumar? Last I knew that she and her hubby were notorious gatecrashers. Housewives turned event organisors, yesteryear models turned pimps or whatever, random DJs, model co-ordinators, builders who look like goons and automobile dealers now peep out of Page 3 day after day. It is such a horrendous site!

It is not that the real socialites or savvy and fashionable people aren’t partying. They just don’t want to be on Page 3 amongst pimps, gatecrashers, self-proclaimed fashion designers and dolly aunties, clamouring for space. My sincere appeal to the Editors to stop this rot and get the grace back on what Page 3 was originally conceived with. If they can’t then all newspapers should follow the Medianet route and earn huge revenues.

Overnight the ‘Council’ Turns In To A ‘Company’

In my previous post I wrote about a Real Estate Company – AMR Group creating a new Fashion Council – India Fashion Council (IFC) in alliance with few media personalities, a former FDCI Executive and some designers. You can read the previous post here:

On the 26th of June the Board of Fashion Designers Council of India (FDCI) had a meeting and took stock of the so-called new Council’s formation and unanimously decided to disassociate with any such organisation that is planning to form an alternative fashion council. The designers who were approached by IFC did agree to participate in it under the wrong projection made by AMR that a National Daily is backing the new venture, have now washed-off their hands from it. Once it was clear that IFC formed by AMR is not a Non-Profit Organisation and is in no way associated with the claimed National Newspaper, most participant designers withdrew. 

Resultant the much-touted Press Conference and post party announcing the launch of India Fashion Council at BlueFrog on the 1st of July stands cancelled now.

The most ridiculous excuse AMR MD, Kapil Aggarwal came out with was that IFC is India Fashion Company and was erroneously mentioned as India Fashion Council by their PR Agency. Well it is nothing but a white-lie because I have in my posession numerous communications sent out to designers and other people from the fashion industry where IFC was clearly mentioned as India Fashion Council. Kapil Aggarwal in his letter to FDCI President, Sunil Sethi writes – “This is to state that the word ” council” was never the format of IFC , and its a complete mistake of our PR ageny involved in the promotion of Indian Fashion Company.”

Finally an ambitious businessman whose sole – objective is to get his photographs on Page3, which he has ensured by buying Medianet space in Times of India has been exposed and his fashion council stands nipped at the bud.


Watch-out for 2010s Most-Desperate P3Ps on the 31st

As we draw curtains on the year 2010 and look forward to 01.01.11, I thought I should bring forth to you the list of most-desperate Page 3 People of the year 2010. I will also enlighten you about Paid (Medianet) P3Ps, hosts and hostesses on hire and of course the year’s biggest losers.

Folks, suggestions are always welcome so help me draw out the list of 2010s MOST DESPERATE!

Overheard @ Lakme Fashion Week

Fashion Weeks are a great place to catch up on latest gossips and Lakme Fashion Week is no different.  It was a ‘first’ of sorts – Amitabh Bachchan coming for a show at a Fashion Week. Yes indeed it was for the first time Big B and his wife, Jaya came to see Nachiket Barve’s show at Lakme Fashion Week. Though Bachchan came to see Nachiket’s collection, few other designers did not want to lose a photo opportunity. I overheard a designer excitedly asking a private photographer, “Did you get me in the frame with AB? Show me. Oh please crop the picture so it’s just Big B and me and let me immediately buy ‘lead picture’ slot in Bombay Times through Medianet.” It was first for me – to see one designer hijack another designer’s celebrity guest and encash on it. Come on folks, grow up!

Few Editors of Fashion Glossies are always busy texting or playing ‘Dumb Charades’ with socialites on the opposite side of the front-row. They hardly look at the clothes on the ramp. Wonder how they write lengthy tributes on collections without even watching the show. A keen observant said, “Oh these ladies think and behave like social butterflies. All they are concerned about is a change of outfit before every show.” How true!

A designer was really pissed off when the organisers disallowed an additional firang model for his show. This model has a business visa and holds a PAN Card but organisers aren’t satisfied and said that the model won’t be allowed till the designer gets a NOC from the Home Ministry. Now that’s isn’t an easy job. I can only blame it on cartels. Believe you me; fashion industry here is fraught with camps and cartels.