Designer Scoots without Paying Rental Dues

Yanchi Vadhera is very pissed off as a designer duo shut shop and vanished from the Crescent at the Qutub without settling pending rent. Now that’s unfair folks. I won’t take the name of the designer duo who are on a high dressing pop divas but this much I know that they are making enough money to clear outstanding dues.

Well, Yanchi who co-owns the fancy mall – Crescent at the Qutub was the most sought after man when designers were literally on the streets after demolition of MG1 and MG2. Now that we have too many malls and arcades in offering, designers have the luxury to pick and choose. 

But defaulting on money is never the right thing. Yanchi Vadhera is a gentleman, but he is an angry man too. If this was our regular builder with musclemen doing recoveries, our designer duo wouldn’t have dared to default. Hope the matter gets resolved soon.