TOP MILFs of Delhi and Mumbai

Hi folks, I am getting a lot of request to do this piece on TOP MILFs of Delhi and Mumbai so I am trying to live-up to their requests and in turn requesting you to send in your most valuable suggestions. I ensure absolute confidentiality as always.

Oh… I guess you know what a MILF is? Well for the uninitiated, MILF is the acronym for Mommies I Would Love to Flirt (Those dirty minds who think ‘F’ is the four-letter dirty word, get lost!)Regular Mommies, Single Mommies, Separated Mommies, Divorced Mommies – any desirable woman who is a Mother qualifies for the MILF category. So my dear readers please load me with your valuable suggestions of TOP MILFs of Delhi and Mumbai so that I can tabulate the TOP TEN MILFs. I wish to bring this out on the 1st of April and no it is not a ‘Fool’s Day’ joke. We have many beautiful, sexy, savvy and gorgeous Mommies in the Capital City and the B-Town so why not find out the Top Ten ‘Mommies I would Love to Flirt’???