TALE of Modi’s TRYST with TROY’S Designer THREADS

NarendraModidressingstyle525743_10151532274205936_2007385417_nPrime Minister Narendra Modi is finally heading off to the United States of America today. And yes he has got himself a ‘designer’ wardrobe designed by excellent designer for bespoke menswear – Troy Costa. Obviously Troy refused to say anything on him designing for the PM. Modi must have made him sign a ‘non disclosure’ agreement. But yes Troy Costa has designed Narendra Modi’s wardrobe for his US visit.

Akash Ambani

Akash Ambani

Pc0382000If you wondering how Modi came to hire the services of Troy, it is rather simple to understand the trail for those who follow Costa’s work. He has who’s-who among his clientele like Hrithik Roshan, Leander Paes, Aditya Roy Kapoor, Raj Salgaocar, Vijaypat Singhania, Mukesh Ambani and his sons and many other luminaries. Troy’s forte is his knowledge of tailoring and his impeccable construction. M_Id_345755_Narendra_Modi

Being a Goan, Troy Costa was first patronized by Goa based tycoon, Raj Salgaocar. Raj introduced Mukesh Ambani (his brother-in-law) to Troy and now Mukesh Bhai suggested Costa to Narendra Modi. Wonder how much liberty Modi has given him to do his wardrobe. Seems it will be more of Bandhgalas in easy fit and not Costa’s slim-fit style.  Mukesh Ambani is the de-facto advisor of our Prime Minister and that’s why lobbying firm – Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co (KKR) President is one of the six top corporate honchos Modi is going to meet. Ambani hired KKR’s services when they started exploring oil in Alaska. It is KKR who got Mukesh Ambani on the Board of The Bank of America.

A Typical Delhi-ite – An Absolute A**hole

Typical Delhi A**Hole

Typical Delhi A**Hole

A reader of fashionscandal.com sent me this story. Thank you SS!


Submitted on 2014/07/31 at 8:27 PM

Jack- seen this? ridiculous! http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=ede_1406299888

A drunk-out-of-his-wits lad is stopped by the police in New Delhi. Police smartly take away the key of the car and then these drunken lads goes on an verbal onslaught so typical of Delhi guys – ‘Tu Nahin Jaanta Main Kaun Hoon (You don’t know who I am)’. They use choicest expletives with the cops and also the media folks who were co-incidentally there and filmed the entire episode. Here is the link to that video:


There was some sense shown by the drunken douche-bag’s father ( a lawyer) who gave his son couple of tight slaps. I am amazed that the Delhi Police personnel kept their cool. If I were there I couldn’t have tolerated a drunk loser abusing me and would had taken him to task.

This brats should be immediately arrested for abusing government servants on duty and obstructing them from dereliction of their duty. Shame on you guys!

Mumbai is no better. What happened to the infamous incident of Mukesh Ambani’s son hitting two cars as he sped on his Aston Martin? Absolute zilch as papa Ambani bought over everybody – the victims, the media and the cops. Disgusting!

Nita Ambani’s Rs.4 Million Sari

Nita Ambani_40Lac SariBeing the wife of the richest Indian has multiple perks and that include splurging a whooping Rupees Forty Lakhs on a sari.. At the wedding of the Reliance Industries’ Group CEO – Parimal Nathwani’s son in Ahmedabad on the 3rd of February, 2014, the Ambani khaandan was in full strength and so were the aspiring Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and his side-kick, Amit Shah. Arvind Kejriwal is not entirely wrong in linking Ambani to Narendra Modi.

Sari_worldsmostexpensiveComing back to Nita Ambani’s Rs.4 million sari. The sari was designed by the director of Chennai Silks – Sivalingam and featured the reproduction of eleven paintings of Raja Ravi Varma. It took 36 skilled craftsmen 12 months at Chennai Sil Mills in Kancheepuram to hand-weave this sari, which is called ‘Vivaah Patu’ sari. The opulent sari weighs 8 kilograms and now has entered the Guinness Book of World Record.

I wonder if the radical Hindus will be up in arms against Nita Ambani for wearing a sari that has Lord of Nathdwara depicted on the blouse. Anyway I feel if Nita Ambani would have used Rupees Forty Lakhs in rehabilitating craftsmen of Kaancheepuram, she would have earned lot more appreciation.

Spoiled Brats aka ‘Bigde Aulad’ Part 1

akash ambaniThis is just the Part 1 of Spoiled Brats of Rich Parents as there are so many of them. Incidentally I was bombed with suggestions for enlisting ‘Bigde Damaads’ and I agree there are loads of ‘Spoilt Son-in- Laws’ too.

Akash-AmbaniWe cannot but have Mukesh Ambani’s son, Akash Ambani leading the list of ‘Bigde Aulad‘ and the way daddy-dearest covered-up the sonny’s reckless hit-and-run case the past month goes to prove that this Spoilt Brat is still spoilt silly. Akash Ambani hit a car on Peddar Road at 150/kmph in his Aston Martin and ran off. Later Papa Ambani bought an old employee to go to the cops and surrender. He even bought Forum Ruparel a brand-new Audi A-6 on Christmas Eve and the lady withdrew her complaint. Akash is enjoying life even after committing a grave crime and papa has insulated him by gagging the media too.

manu sharmaManu Sharma is serving prison sentence in Tihar for murdering Jessica Lal but courtesy his powerful businessman cum politician daddy, Vinod Sharma enjoys parole at regular frequencies. Like in 2012, in December 2013 too Manu Sharma got a ten-day parole just before Christmas. In December 2012 Manu Sharma got parole on the pretext of his mother being unwell but instead of being with his mother, Manu was spotted partying hard at Aer in Mumbai and at LAP in Delhi. This year too the parole must have been for partying as the timing is very suspect.

nitesh raneNitesh Rane is the epitome of ‘Bigda Aulad‘! He is the son of the Revenue Minister of Maharshtra – Narayan Rane and is a known trouble-maker. Most recently Nitesh and his goons roughed-up toll booth staff in Goa and went scott free and earlier Nitesh Rane had been embroiled in road-rage and making unparliamentary statement against Sobhaa De. He is an absolute problem-aulad and I don’t see him changing ever.

Next part we will have ‘cokehead’ spoilt brats who splurge their pop’s moolah to become a filmstar and fail and then plan and get hitched with a loaded man’s daughter. We also have ‘Bigdi Mundi’ who get married and divorce within a year, use pop’s money to buy awards and to finance a movie to become a heroine.

Was It Akash Ambani in the Hit & Run Case in Mumbai?

Akash-AmbaniAn Aston Martin with License Plate – MH-01-BK99 rammed into an Audi and then a Toyota Corolla at high speed at Mumbai’s Peddar Road, injuring three people seriously. The Aston Martin is registered under Reliance Ports.

astonmartinambaniaccidentForam Ruparel, the driver of the Audi car claimed that the Aston Martin was being driven by Akash Ambani, the son of Mukesh Ambani. Ruparel said that her Audi was hit at such great speed by the Aston Martin that her car jumped the divider and hit a bus. The speeding Aston then hit a Toyota Corolla owned by Vikram Mishra.

Police claim that the driver of the Aston Martin fled from the sscene after the accident. In fact the alleged driver – Akash Ambani drove his Aston while fleeing but had to dump the car as one of the tyre came off.

Foram Ruparel sense police bias already protecting Akash Ambani and said that when the Aston Martin was taken to the police station, they covered the car so as to not reveal the license plate. Reliance Industries Limited spokesperson issued a statement that the car belongs to Reliance but was being driven by a driver of the company who was going to park the car when the accident happened.

Will the truth come out or once again money power will protect a rich kid?