Hope Nita Ambani will be as charitable in PM Modi’s Mission to Renovate Indian Museums as She was towards Metropolitan Museum in New York last year to get a Seat on its Board

Indian tycoons love all-things Global. They have ranches, villas, factories all over the world. Their limitted philanthropic ventures find priority in institututes abroad before at home. They are Global Citizens and want Global Recognition.

In October 2019, Nita Ambani, the wife of India’s Richest Man, Mukesh Ambani, made a very generous donation to the the Metropolitan Museum in New York and was named to the board of the largest U.S. art museum in November 2019 after years of supporting exhibitions at the New York City institution. The 149-year-old Metropolitan museum draws billionaires, celebrities and millions of visitors a year to see art spanning 5,000 years from around the world. The not-for-profit institution reported revenue, support and transfers of $384.7 million in 2018 at the operating level, down from $385.3 million the previous year, according to its annual report. 

The Metropolitan Musueum is famous for the annual Met-Gala hosted by Vogue and is an affair the elite won’t miss. Was the generous donation only to have Isha Ambani stroll the red-carpet at the Met-Gala? Sure Met has no dirth of donors and hasn’t focussed much on Indian Art & Craft. Mrs. Ambani also donates generously to Bernard Arnault’s (LVMH) son, Antoinne Arnault’sn girlfriend’s charity. Is it philanthrophy or for PR?

Today Prime Ministes Narendra Modi announced rennovation and modernistaion of 5 Indian Museums. It’s a good project. Just waiting to see generosity from the the Desi tycoons in this venture.

Sobhaa De ‘Slam-Dunked’ By Viru

Viru_SobhaVirender-SehwagNever knew the Nawab of NajafgarhVirender Sehwag had smooth ways with words…as smooth as the sixes he hooked with his bat. Viru with his magnificent word-play slammed smarty -pants Sobhaa De on her wisecrack on Twiiter about Indian Olympians. A writer made to shut-up with fine use of words by a cricketer is absolutely amazing. Amitabh Bachchan will now become Mrs. De’s next target.

Ambani congratulates SindhuNita Ambani, Shobha De at the launch of IMC ladies exhibition in Mumbai on 16th Oct 2012 (54)The real reason behind Sobhaa De’s vitriolic comment about Indian Olympic squad was the fact that she wasn’t the part of Nita Ambani’s entourage to Rio. The frustration was vented elsewhere as Ms. De didn’t dare to rub Nita Ambani on the wrong side, hoping in future she finds space in her entourage.

Sobha_Foot-in-the-MouthAnyway I am so happy that Virender Sehwag shut-up Sobhaa De with such finesse!

Boycott Vijay Mallya


‘Richard Branson of India’ – that is what Fraud Mallya thought of himself. Virgin stays Virgin, the King got Royally F*#ked! 

The brut arrogance of Vijay Mallya adds salt to the wounds he inflicted on his employees whom he never paid. Instead he splurges in birthday parties and buying Caribbean cricket team. I personally feel that Mallya should be humiliated and boycotted and that’s what will hit him the most. Anyway it is a big thing to expect this from his fellow industrialists but still I am hoping against hope.

For a start, Indian corporates should withdraw as ‘Associate Sponsors’ of the Royal Challengers Bangalore in forthcoming IPL season.  One should take cue from Blatter episode in FIFA. Coca-Cola, Visa, Budweiser and McDonald’s all released statement calling for Sepp Blatter to resign and it was this pressure that was the most effective one in ousting Blatter as the FIFA President. It did not take sponsors like Nike and Porsche to withdraw their contract with Maria Sharapova as soon as her drug-test failure came out

Mallya_G-StringVijay Mallya is accused of syphoning off money and is a proclaimed ‘Willful Defaulter’ of Rupees 7200 Crores of loan from banks. Besides he has run-off from India. He should be boycotted by corporates by at least pulling out as sponsors. I stopped drinking Kingfisher beer now. In IPL 2015 RCB had Principal Partner – Huawei and Associate Partners – Tata Motors, Brittania, Midea Home Appliances, TGS Real Estate, Ed Hardy and Allen Career Institute. Adidas and Fever 104 came in as Licensing Partners. These companies should pull-out and for once show Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).


‘Botox Beauty’ – Preity Zinta Eclipsed By ‘Bong Beauty’ – Indrani

ipl03Karan-Paul_Chairman_Apeejay-Surendra-Group-along-with-his-wife-Indrani-Dasgupta-cleaned-the-streets-2Indian Premier League (IPL) Season 8 is on and it is that time of the year when Kings XI Punjab’s co-owner hogs her annual dose of limelight. On Sunday evening Kings XI Punjab beat the Mumbai Indians at their home-turf in Wankhede and Preity Zinta was incessantly jumping. Nobody from the Wadia family was their to spoil her fun.

09ndmpIndrani_G9H32_689238e5_052614123420However Karan Paul, a stake-holder in the Kings XI Punjab was there with his gorgeous wife – Indrani Dasgupta at the VIP Stands alongside Preity Zinta. Preity’s heavily Botoxed face paled in front of Indrani’s natural beauty. In fact the dimples on Indrani’s face were more pronounced than Zinta’s. Guess all the collagen and Botox filled up the dimples that was once PZ’s asset.

Oh yes if anybody gave competition to Preity Zinta on Botox, it was the other team-owner – Nita Ambani of Mumbai Indians!

‘Scandalous List’: Top Fashion Victims

Wearing the latest couture outfit or wrapping yourself up in latest fashion labels head to toe doesn’t make you fashionable. Yet our so-called fashionistas do just that so very often. Preparing this list of ‘fashion victims’ was difficult as had numerous suggestions. In fact I have totally avoided the new breed of crappy Page-3 types that find space in out newspaper tabloids as they don’t even qualify to be called ‘fashion-victims’. So Sapna, Dimple, Pushpanjali, Salloli, Vandy, Meenakshi, Ramola, Sangeeta, Kanchan, Preeti, Mamta and the types, you are spared. Will probably create a section – ‘fashion assault’ sometime soon.

A fashionable lady for me is somebody who knows her assets and flaws and dresses accordingly. The fashion victims I listed here are simply ignoring that basic factor about dressing up. Look at Nita Ambani. She looks graceful in a sari or an Anaarkali but what on earth made her wear these apron-type dresses? Nita you can go-back 20-years on Cover shoot courtesy airbrushing but not when it comes to dressing. Same goes for Sunanda Tharoor. She looks pretty in a sari but hey please make sure your blouse doesn’t have a wet patch around the under-arms. The dhoti-salwar is ugg! And Gauri Khan…that bronze look and cleavage show is getting a wee bit too much. Satin is an unforgiving fabric that reveals every bump and roll so if you wearing one, you better keep your posture taut.

Sonam Kapoor is the darling of the desi rag-mags. She’s been on the cover of almost all. But I feel at times Sonam go-overboard to flaunt the esoteric labels she has in her closet and look like a ‘pelican’. Remember her boobs almost spilled out of the Gaultier gown? Her broad shoulders aren’t flattering too in bare-shoulder numbers. Tanisha Mohan too has a wardrobe that any woman would envy and yet at times she wears clothes that can’t help but being labeled as ‘fashion victim’. Priya Sachdev in a sleeveless number is a disaster. I had written about it earlier here. Those unsightly folds around the armpit are better kept covered. Don’t you think so?

And what do I say about Queenie Singh? She has gone so much under the knife that she looks like a shriveled up raisin. Wearing short dresses doesn’t make her look fab. In fact those bony knee-caps stand out as an eyesore. Plunging necklines are fine but what about the saggy boobs?