‘Botox Beauty’ – Preity Zinta Eclipsed By ‘Bong Beauty’ – Indrani

ipl03Karan-Paul_Chairman_Apeejay-Surendra-Group-along-with-his-wife-Indrani-Dasgupta-cleaned-the-streets-2Indian Premier League (IPL) Season 8 is on and it is that time of the year when Kings XI Punjab’s co-owner hogs her annual dose of limelight. On Sunday evening Kings XI Punjab beat the Mumbai Indians at their home-turf in Wankhede and Preity Zinta was incessantly jumping. Nobody from the Wadia family was their to spoil her fun.

09ndmpIndrani_G9H32_689238e5_052614123420However Karan Paul, a stake-holder in the Kings XI Punjab was there with his gorgeous wife – Indrani Dasgupta at the VIP Stands alongside Preity Zinta. Preity’s heavily Botoxed face paled in front of Indrani’s natural beauty. In fact the dimples on Indrani’s face were more pronounced than Zinta’s. Guess all the collagen and Botox filled up the dimples that was once PZ’s asset.

Oh yes if anybody gave competition to Preity Zinta on Botox, it was the other team-owner – Nita Ambani of Mumbai Indians!

‘Scandalous List': Top Fashion Victims

Wearing the latest couture outfit or wrapping yourself up in latest fashion labels head to toe doesn’t make you fashionable. Yet our so-called fashionistas do just that so very often. Preparing this list of ‘fashion victims’ was difficult as had numerous suggestions. In fact I have totally avoided the new breed of crappy Page-3 types that find space in out newspaper tabloids as they don’t even qualify to be called ‘fashion-victims’. So Sapna, Dimple, Pushpanjali, Salloli, Vandy, Meenakshi, Ramola, Sangeeta, Kanchan, Preeti, Mamta and the types, you are spared. Will probably create a section – ‘fashion assault’ sometime soon.

A fashionable lady for me is somebody who knows her assets and flaws and dresses accordingly. The fashion victims I listed here are simply ignoring that basic factor about dressing up. Look at Nita Ambani. She looks graceful in a sari or an Anaarkali but what on earth made her wear these apron-type dresses? Nita you can go-back 20-years on Cover shoot courtesy airbrushing but not when it comes to dressing. Same goes for Sunanda Tharoor. She looks pretty in a sari but hey please make sure your blouse doesn’t have a wet patch around the under-arms. The dhoti-salwar is ugg! And Gauri Khan…that bronze look and cleavage show is getting a wee bit too much. Satin is an unforgiving fabric that reveals every bump and roll so if you wearing one, you better keep your posture taut.

Sonam Kapoor is the darling of the desi rag-mags. She’s been on the cover of almost all. But I feel at times Sonam go-overboard to flaunt the esoteric labels she has in her closet and look like a ‘pelican’. Remember her boobs almost spilled out of the Gaultier gown? Her broad shoulders aren’t flattering too in bare-shoulder numbers. Tanisha Mohan too has a wardrobe that any woman would envy and yet at times she wears clothes that can’t help but being labeled as ‘fashion victim’. Priya Sachdev in a sleeveless number is a disaster. I had written about it earlier here. Those unsightly folds around the armpit are better kept covered. Don’t you think so?

And what do I say about Queenie Singh? She has gone so much under the knife that she looks like a shriveled up raisin. Wearing short dresses doesn’t make her look fab. In fact those bony knee-caps stand out as an eyesore. Plunging necklines are fine but what about the saggy boobs?

Nita Ambani Desperately Seeking To Be Mumbai’s THE Soiree Hostess

The United Nation (UN) Secretary General Ban Ki Moon’s four-day India visit started at New Delhi and concluded in Mumbai at Antilla, which Ratan Tata aptly described in an interview with The Times London as an example of rich Indians’ lack of empathy for the poor. Nita Ambani hosted a soiree for Ban Ki Moon at Antilla where Bollywood stars hob-nobbed with him. What was the purpose behind it all Madam Ambani? A soiree at India’s most extravagant house with millionaire Bollywood stars as guests doesn’t fit with Ban Ki Moon’s mission. Ambanis don’t have a reputation of being philanthropists. Reliance Newsletter however claimed, “Development of health conditions for women and children – a topic rather close to Nita Ambani’s heart.”

UN Secretary General’s India visit focused on Infant mortality and health conditions of Women and Children amongst other geo-political issues. I am shocked how UN Secretary General’s PR Machinery okayed Ban Ki Moon attending a party hosted by the wife of India’s richest capitalist and that too at Antilla, an edifice of ugly wealth.  “It makes me wonder why someone (Mukesh Ambani) would do that (build the 27-storey home – Antilla). That’s what revolutions are made of,” Tata said in an interview to The Times, London, when asked about Ambani’s house. The Times had asked Tata the question in the context of widening income inequalities in India.

Parmeshwar Godrej is the queen of soirees hosted for the visiting foreign dignitaries. Be it Goldie Hawn, Richard Gere or Oprah Winfrey, Pam was the hostess with the mostest! Nita Ambani has been vying for this status for long. I can understand the Ambanis hosting a celebration for Sachin’s hundredth century at Antilla. But hosting Moon at Antilla and parading Bollywood glitter is typical ‘Cocktail Charity’ – where money bags sip Dom Perignon and eat out of customised Rosenthal crockery and shed crocodile tears about the plight of the poor.


Nita Ambani’s custom-made Rosenthal Thali

It so happened once when Mukesh and Nita Ambani were flying in Mukesh’s private Boeing Business Jet 2, they hit an air pocket. The rough ride led to food getting spilled from Nita’s expensive Rosenthal dinner plate on to her expensive clothes. The incident pissed off Mukesh tremendously and he couldn’t bear seeing Nita almost in tears.

Anyway, after the rough ride when the Ambanis returned home, Mukesh Bhai got his Man Fridays to get hold of Rosenthal and get custom-made tableware so that no food spills ever in the roughest of weather. Rosenthal couldn’t have said no to the World’s 5th richest man. Pronto Rosenthal’s design team created dinnerware that had a raised parameter very much like our steel thalis.

Now Nita can have her Dhokla, Thepla, Khandvi in peace, even when their jet hits an air-pocket. No more spilling of food and ruining of expensive clothes. Maal Hai toh Taal Hai!