I Told U About “Bagwati” Pernia’s Movie Way Back…

08jaanisarRemember I wrote about Bagwati – Pernia Qureshi’s filmy aspirations way back in November 2013…Here is the link to  that post: http://wp.me/p1C8a1-5iv

54f9870238251Well the period movie – Jaanisar had its trailer launch a few days back. It is directed by Muzaffar Ali and is funded by Pernia Qureshi’s dad, Moin Qureshi who is embroiled in some Hawala racket. The movie credit reads Meera Ali’s name as the Producer but that’s just on paper. The period movie stars a Pakistani hero – Imran Abbas Naqvi besides our Bagwati, Pernia.

jaanisar-2015-7aBesides getting paid to make a movie, Muzaffar Ali and Meera Ali also gained from loading the movie with Meera & Muzaffar Ali Couture ensembles. In company of the Late Ponty Chaddha, (Moin used to be often seen with Ponty before his death) Moin got the filmy fever and his daughter always harbored Bollywood dreams.

Let us wait and see how Jaanisar does once it is released. I will definitely see it for Bagwati’s sake!

Bagwati Found Her Bagwala

pernia_cortoIt is good news that the infamous Bagwati Pernia Qureshi has found love in a BagwalaCorto Moltedo. Now atleast she won’t try to smuggle out loads of designer bags through customs without paying duties. By the way I sonam1wonder why Sonam Kapoor who made Pernia Qureshi and Corto Moltedo’s lip-lock picture public is silent about her own love affair with Barcelona based Sahir Berry?

Corto Moltedo with his clutchesNow more about the BagwalaCorto Moltedo. He is the son of Bottega Veneta founders, Laura and Vittorio Moltedo, and learnt the craft of bag-making during summers at the factory. Bottega Veneta was sold to the Gucci group in 2001 and Corto founded his own namesake label in 2004. Sonam Kapoor is one of Moltedo’s celebrity customers.

Pernia and Corto met in Karachi where Corto Moltedo was showcasing his clutches to the Pakistani elite over a trunk show.

‘Bagwati’ Pernia Is Now Starring In A Movie

Pernia-Qureshi-BagmatiStylist cum fashion entrepreneur – Pernia Qureshi created a lot of flutter in the social circuits of Delhi and Mumbai when she was detained by the Custom Officials at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi for smuggling in 16 luxury handbags without declaring them and paying custom duty on those bags valued at Rupees Thirty Five Lacs. Pernia is a well-traveled lady and I am sure she knows the law of the land. Not to declare 16 luxury handbags to the customs is not only illegal but out-rightly foolish on her part. Guess she has picked up the notorious habit of the Tinsel Town ladies even before her movie has gone on the floor.

Muzaffar AliYes Pernia Qureshi is trying her luck in the movies now. Not a big deal if one has a super-rich daddy! Pernia will make her acting debut in a movie directed by Muzaffar Ali and produced and financed by daddy dearest – Moin Qureshi. Muzaffar Ali who had lately concentrated on his career as a designer is going to direct a movie after decades so we got to wait and watch what he comes out with. Nothing much is known about the planned film starring Pernia Qureshi but we will keep our eyes and ears open to fill-you-up on it.

Capital’s Lucky Ghar-Jamais

I seriously envy the Ghar-Jamais. They aren’t born with a silver spoon but definitely married with a platinum one. The typical Ghar-Jamai is a son-in-law who moves in with his wife to the father-in-law’s house (or in a house bought by the father-in-law) and eventually joins the pop-in-law’s business empire. Nothing wrong about it. I am simply jealous!

Now who are the Top Ghar-Jamais of Delhi? Well the first name that comes to my mind is that of Timmy Sarna who married the heiress of the DLF Group, Pia Singh. Before marriage Timmy worked in his family venture – Sarna Exports. In the year 2000, Timmy Sarna launched Comma Home – a lifestyle store offering a wide choice of furnishing solutions. Timmy, MD of Comma Home had then planned 10 more stores across the country by 2002 but Comma Home has disappeared now. Timmy Sarna has joined his pop-in-law’s empire and is the MD of DLF Brands. Earlier Timmy lived in Green Park but post his marriage, he and Pia lives in a sprawling house in Aurangzeb Road.

Another lucky dude is Shikhar Malhotra who married Roshni Nadar, the daughter of  Tech Billionaire Shiv Nadar of the $5-billion  HCL Group. Before marrying Roshni in November 2009, Shikhar Malhotra had the modest business of Distrubutorship of Honda cars. Post his marriage with Roshni Nadar, Shikhar Malhotra is the CEO of the Shiv Nadar Schools, a pet-project of Shiv Nadar. According to reliable sources, Roshni and Shikhar last year moved in to a plush house in posh Delhi that Shiv Nadar bought for Rs. 100 Crores.

The latest one to join the gang of Ghar-Jamai’s is Arjun Prasad. A banker of sorts from UK, Arjun Prasad got married to Pernia Qureshi, daughter of Moin Qureshi, one of India’s largest meat exporter. The couple recently moved in to the Service Apartments at Aman, which obviously is paid for by pop-in-law, Moin Qureshi. Workwise…nobody knows what Arjun does. Most assume he tags along with his wife who at times plan to make movies but currently occupied in launching her own label of designer wear.

No I haven’t forgotten the most famous Ghar-Jamai. I am sure you know who I am talking about. But the guy took too many liberties of being the Jamai of India’s most powerful family and resultant messed up his cozy life. Last heard he is no more staying at the wifey’s house so guess he is no more a Ghar Jamai.

Qureshi Kebabs…Qureshi Fashion

The name – ‘Qureshi’ use to titillate my palate thanks to the succulent Kebabs of Chef Qureshi. But now Qureshi will take us on a high of High Fashion thanks to the multifaceted Pernia Qureshi. The famous stylist, Pernia Qureshi who her friends think posed a threat to Anaita Shroff, the most sought after stylist in Bollywood of her prima-donna status has turned designer and her friends who had the privilege of seeing her debut collection are going gaga over it. By the way Pernia also made a short film on fashion, is a muse to many a designer and occasionally models too!

As if Pernia’s fashion sense wasn’t enough to make Qureshi’s fashion label a must-have in a fashionista’s closet, her close friend Sonam Kapoor is the face of the brand. It was Pernia who widened Sonam Kapoor’s fashion horizon from Versace and Dolce to more esoteric labels like Maison Martin Margiela and Comme Des Garçons (though Ms. Kapoor had problems pronouncing the label correctly). Kebabs plus Butter-Chicken completes the story!

Am sure even hubby Arjun Prasad will give his valuable inputs to put Qureshi’s fashion on the forefront!

Come again. What did you say? Tanisha Mohan planning to launch her label??? Ohh…Main Bolunga Toh Bologe Ki Bolta Hai!!!