“Sherlyn Chopra” Mug-Holder

sherlyn_chopraDoes the first resident  Desi Playmate – Sherlyn Chopra  ever put on clothes??? Or is she living in some nudist colony?

sherlyn-chopra-mug-holderAnyway I just discovered a coffee mug-holder that Sherlyn Chopra should get patented and then make millions. I am amused at the strategic placement of the coffee mug by the ingenious Sherlyn Chopra. Wondering if Desi Playmate has placed the cup of coffee to warm it up or is it the other way around…

Guys what do you think? Is Sherlyn warming up the coffee or it’s vice versa? Hoping she doesn’t spill the coffee though!

Sherlyn Chopra – 1st Ever Desi Playmate Totally UNCENSORED


Item Number Sherlyn Chopra becoming the first ever Indian to grace the cover of Playboy is probably stale news by now. You may have seen some pixalated or blackened-out pictures of Sherlyn strutting around naked with the crew of Playboy. But at it is always ‘Uncensored’. 

Sherlyn Chopra has been celebrating her time hanging out around the Playboy mansion by tweeting a bunch of pictures of her naked bod! For the record, she’s randomly posted nude pictures before (as recently as February), but she’s never posted pictures of herself hanging out with Hef; about whom she said, “Even at 87, he knows how to be an effortless charmer!!!”  

Gutka Baron’s Son drools over Playboy Girl at his debut movie Shoot

Gutka Baron – Jagdish Joshi of Goa Gutka who had been on news for all the wrong reasons is yet again gambling loads of moolah for the debut of his son, Sachin Joshi in Bollywood. Jagdish Joshi earlier sunk lot of money to launch his son, Sachin as a Hero in Telugu films way back in 2002 and 2005. The movies sank without a trace and all that the Hero, Sachin managed was an affair with Nagma.

But the doting father hasn’t given up and now launching Sachin in Bollywod in an action flick. The film will be directed by Prashant Chadha who incidentally also launched Himesh Reshammiya’s acting career with Aap Kaa Suroor. The biggest draw of the movie is a South African Playmate, Candice Boucher. Candice was the nude centrespread attraction of Playboy magazine for April 2010 but hey, don’t expect her to dance around in her birthday suit in the movie.

The unit was recently in Morocco shooting a dance sequence with Candice and the movie’s leading man, the married Sachin hung around the sets even when he wasn’t required. Unit members said, “He was letching at Candice all the time”. Urvashi Sharma, who is seeing Sachin definitely won’t be amused to read this. Interestingly Sachin Joshi looks quiet a midget in front of Playmate Candice and the director had to shoot him in the background to make Joshi look as tall as Candice. The rumours about Shakira doing a number for the movie with music directors Salim-Suleiman is still not confirmed. Wonder if Playmate will get Sachin Joshi a foothold in Bollywood or yet again Papa Joshi will burn his pockets!!!