‘Botox Beauty’ – Preity Zinta Eclipsed By ‘Bong Beauty’ – Indrani

ipl03Karan-Paul_Chairman_Apeejay-Surendra-Group-along-with-his-wife-Indrani-Dasgupta-cleaned-the-streets-2Indian Premier League (IPL) Season 8 is on and it is that time of the year when Kings XI Punjab’s co-owner hogs her annual dose of limelight. On Sunday evening Kings XI Punjab beat the Mumbai Indians at their home-turf in Wankhede and Preity Zinta was incessantly jumping. Nobody from the Wadia family was their to spoil her fun.

09ndmpIndrani_G9H32_689238e5_052614123420However Karan Paul, a stake-holder in the Kings XI Punjab was there with his gorgeous wife – Indrani Dasgupta at the VIP Stands alongside Preity Zinta. Preity’s heavily Botoxed face paled in front of Indrani’s natural beauty. In fact the dimples on Indrani’s face were more pronounced than Zinta’s. Guess all the collagen and Botox filled up the dimples that was once PZ’s asset.

Oh yes if anybody gave competition to Preity Zinta on Botox, it was the other team-owner – Nita Ambani of Mumbai Indians!

PZ Has ‘GoodEnough’ Reasons To Be Back In LA

Akash Aurora_Tom Cruise_Preity Zinta_Fans

Akash Aurora_Tom Cruise_Preity Zinta_Fans

Preity Zinta and Ness Wadia mess is seemingly heading nowhere. I know I will yet again get loads of flak from certain sections for writing this but then you gotta do what you gotta do. So PZ got permission to flyback to Los Angeles from Mumbai Police. 4th of July is a big thing in America and why should Preity miss it when her boyfriend, friends and family are in the US.

Gene Goodenough

Gene Goodenough/ Photo: Mumbaiwalla.com

CRICKET-IND-BCCI-IPLGene Goodenough, the supposed boyfriend of Zinta was there at the Wankhade on the fateful day but is in no mood to come to India as an eyewitness. Cops are still trying. Among other witnesses presented by PZ – her makeup man – Jai Kanojia really won’t be taken seriously as an impartial witness. By the way I was pretty amused to discover that Preity took her makeup man during the matches. Really you need touch-up in a stadium???

Preity-Zinta-GunPreity Zinta has a childhood buddy who is pretty loaded, who too is in LA. He’s got some aura and he is Akash Aurora. This buddy is a pillar of strength for PZ and he made a killing during IPL 2 when he got the Digital Rights of the season for peanuts for his then Dubai based company-Netlink. Akash Aurora also came in as a sponsor for PZ’s team – Kings XI but then never paid up. Aurora did not really had a liking for Ness Wadia even when Preity was seeing Ness.

So when mommy, brother, boyfriend and chuddy-buddy are all in Los Angeles it’s natural that Preity Zinta will find LA a more familiar ground. Ness Wadia meanwhile is sticking to his guns and saying allegations made by Zinta are false. Seems facts will take time to unfurl. Ohhh…I just wish PZ doesn’t go the Mallika Sherawat way who god-knows does what in LA but is perennially there and is gatecrashing A-list parties and then Tweeting her selfies with Hollywood Stars. Mallika has a very rich ‘sugar-daddy’ so she’s having a ball in Beverly Hills. Even Zinta got herself clicked with Tom Cruise and buddy Akash Aurora. 



What Is The Future of Kings XI Punjab Team NOW?

Kings_XI_Punjab_logo.svgSo what happens to the Indian Premier League (IPL) teamKings XI Punjab post the Zinta – Ness fracas? After all the drama it is unlikely that Preity Zinta and Ness Wadia can carry on as co-owners of the team along with Mohit Burman. One of them has to buy out the other’s stake. Conspiracy Theorists say that the whole fracas is aimed at one designing to sell-out at a premium because of financial crunch.


Anyway, personally feel that the complaint filed by Priety Zinta against Ness Wadia shouldn’t have had Section 354 applied  on it. As per Preity’s side of the story it was more of threats, abusive language and criminal intimidation. Was is molestation? 30th May, the day the said incident happened was Ness Wadia’s birthday and whatever little CCTV footage shown on TV clearly show Ms. Zinta is hogging the first-row in the Garware Box while Wadia family who have bigger stake in the IPL team stuck to the last row. Zinta could had been graceful and accommodate co-owner’s family. Still it doesn’t justify the behavior that Preity alleged against Ness. Whatever little I have known Ness Wadia, he comes across as a gentleman but then don’t know much about how ex boyfriend-girlfriend behave.

Mohit Burman_Preity Zinta_Ness Wadia

Mohit Burman_Preity Zinta_Ness Wadia

One thing I find fishy. Why Preity Zinta have to fly out to Los Angeles within 48-hours of her filing the complaint? It is not that she is making any movie and she had committed dates to the producer. In fact sources say that her boyfriend is in LA.

By the way, (again as per reliable sources), Ness Wadia is to be engaged soon to an Italian former model Hanna. This news was doing the rounds and Ness and Hanna were seen together. Did it irk Ms. Zinta? Anyway now since there is no CCTV footage with police, they have to rely upon eye-witnesses and I was surprised when Preity Zinta’s most strongest supporter, Salman Khan absolutely dodged the question and did not take sides. In fact Bollywood is diplomatic and carry the opinion that the issues should have bee sorted internally.

Anyway Kings XI Punjab’s future is daisy. Does Preity Zinta have the moolah to buy out Ness Wadia’s stake? Even if she has or gets some financer, will Wadia sell his stake because now it will be an ego issue too. Wadddyyyaaa Say???


Is This A ‘Preity’ New Aasana?

Preity Zinta_Knicker Flash

Preity Zinta_Knicker Flash

Bewildered by this photograph of Preity Zinta sitting on a platform kinda thing next to Twinkle Khanna. The photograph looks like one from those multitude Mumbai fashion shows where Bollywood stars walk the ramp. It must be a real candid shot of Zinta probably taken during reahearsals or must be some new Yoga Aasan that keep her legs in shape.

Wonder why Farah Khan and Reitesh Deshmukh are pushed back to the not-so-VIP second row.

A Fashion Show On Yash Chopra’s Birth Anniversary

Diva'niyash-chopraFor the uninitiated, in July this year Yash Raj Films (YRF) and the Delhi based Karol Bagh Saree House (KBSH) inked a deal to launch India’s first Bollywood inspired fashion label – Diva’ni -‘Where fashion romances Bollywood’. The label reflects the way Yash Chopra envisioned his heroines and brought out the DIVA  in every woman he worked with.

Diva'ni creationDiva'ni creationSo it comes as no surprise that the Chopra Khandaan wants to celebrate Yash Chopra’s birth anniversary on the 27th of September 2013 with a fashion show where the leading ladies of Yash Chopra’s films will strut the ramp in Diva’ni creations. 

KatrinaSrideviMadhuriKatrina Kaif, Rani Mukherjee, Sridevi, Madhuri Dixit and Preity Zinta are expected to walk the ramp in Diva’ni’s latest collection. What will Shah Rukh Khan do? Emcee the evening or cross-dress and pay tribute to Yash ji on his first birth anniversary???