Sameer Thapar Liquidated most of his properties

Industrialist Sameer Thapar recently sold off his sprawling Aurangzeb Road Bungalow for an unheard amount before – Rs. 280 Crores. The buyer is none other than Real Estate Tycoon – Rajiv Singh of DLF.

And guess who are upset about Sammy selling off his Lutyen’s Bungalow? Well they are a bunch of expat girls who enjoyed after-hour parties at Sammy’s place. Some even lived out of that house. Poor girls! I pity them because what a big transition for them, from a sprawling Bungalow at Aurangzeb Road to cramped-up Barsatis in Defence Colony. And yeah no more free booze, free food and free partying every night with an occasional ride in Sammy’s Ferrari.

But it’s not just the Aurangzeb Road Bungalow that Sameer Thapar has sold off. I learnt from valued resources that he liquidated most of his properties as he is in a major resource crunch.