Sunny Dewan shown his Rightful Place

It so happened that Sunny Dewan of HDIL and his friend went to a tony nightclub in South Mumbai – Prive but found the VIP Table occupied by some teeny kids. The ‘Velvet Rope’ allures these nouveau riche kinds and Sunny wanted that VIP Table any which way. He walked up to the bunch of teenagers and requested if they could shift to the bar as some of his important guests are coming. The teeny crowd said a polite ‘NO’.

Sunny Dewan gulped a couple of drinks and re-approached the teeny bunch at the VIP Table and proposed that if they move from the VIP Table, he will foot not only the tab for what they had but whatever they would have that night. No sooner had Sunny Dewan completed his proposal, one teenager replied – “Why don’t you stop bothering us and I would foot your tab here not only for tonight, tomorrow, a year but as long as you live.” Sunny was stumped. The Bandra Boy – Sunny Dewan didn’t know that he was showing Moolah Power to one of the Ambani kids, Anil Ambani’s elder son Jai Anmol. 

I think that was fitting reply. Seems like Junior AA has a smooth tongue like Daddy. Sunny Boy, you are a small fry. Don’t be so jumpie.