Paris Hilton Partied with Mumbai Gals

Last night Paris Hilton partied with Mumbai Socialites and a ‘Delhi Wannabe’ at the J W Marriott.

Here are some snapshots of Paris Hilton partying with Kaftan Queen – Pria Kataria Puri, Sushmita Sen, Lata Patel and even played DJ at the Console.


Cummer Hai Ya Kamra?

Sush, the affable and gorgeous Sushmita Sen is still struggling with her weight problem. Earlier her face bloated. Rumour mill said Sush has a drinking problem. Subsequently she got in to shape.

Last I saw Sushmita Sen was at the Being Human show at the HDIL Couture Week and I found that her waist has expanded. It’s more like a donut now. Mad About Donuts? No, not me. See in this picture how that patli kamar is like a kamra now!

Hope Sush would have worn the latest in Shape-wear – Squeem before strutting down in a singlet. Squeem is made in Brazil. It’s sort of a girdle made of cotton an rubber, which squeezes your body and creates a slimmer silhouette.

Coming November Akram & Sush may announce their relationship

Former Pakistani cricketer and the bowling coach of one of the IPL Teams, Wasim Akram was in Delhi recently. I couldn’t resist to find out more on what’s brewing between Sushmita Sen and Wasim Akram. Almost a month back Headlines Today broke the news that Sush and Akram are seeing each other and there were pictures of them getting in to the car after a cozy candle-light dinner at Aurus, Juhu.A very close buddy of Akram raked up the question, “Dude, all this about you and Sush is true?” Akram gave his wide grin and said, “Bro, I really like her. But you know it’s not even a year (Huma passed away on October 25, 2009) since Huma (his late wife) passed away and the kids also need to be taken into confidence.” “Matlab something’s cooking. Right?” asked the buddy. “I do like her very much” said the pacer with utmost sincerity.So folks, Sush and Akram are serious about each other. I just pray that it is not just another fling of Sushmita Sen. High time the lady settles down before she runs out of suitors.

By the way, the Pakistani guys are taking away our mulgis. I don’t understand this fascination of the desi babes for phoren hubbies, even NRIs. There are endless examples.

More Conspiracy Theory on WIFW Day1 Fiasco

Mind it – this is just a conspiracy theory…

Apparently Vinod Kaul, Director FDCI was entrusted with the job of getting clearances. Now if you remember, Vinod Kaul was an advisor with JJ Valaya before his present stint with FDCI. The theory goes that Kaul deliberately messed up the Fire NOC so that Day 1 shows get cancelled and rescheduled on the last day. Why? Simple – so that JJ Valaya, Kaul’s former client gets to end the fashion week as a de-facto Grand Finale. Valaya anyway has a penchant for all things GRAND.

If this is the truth then, both Valaya and Kaul pulled up a real smart one. Whaddya say???

And did you know that Sushmita Sen travels with an entourage of 8 assistants? Yes she does. Ritu Beri got her as her show stopper and paid Rs. 15 lacs plus stay and travel of the 8 chamchas and chamchis that Sush tag along. Wonder what the 8 assistants are for? Can anybody enlighten???