Socialite To Metamorphose Into Brand Ambassadress



Tanisha Mohan

Tanisha Mohan

The word ‘Remington’ must be taking you on a nostalgic trip to the days of typewriters. Well most of us (at least the men) associate Remingtom with typewriter or Remington Steele – The TV series epitomized by Pierce BrosnanThe origins of the “Remington” name date back to the formation of E. Remington and Sons, a firearms maker founded in 1816. E. They made occasional forays into products but its most significant side venture was when inventor Christopher Sholes persuaded the firearms company to help him develop the typewriter with the QWERTY keyboard, which is still the standard today. But now Remington is the hautest name in women and men grooming products. Priyanka Chopra uses it and so does Tina Fey of Hollywood. Celebrities swear by the Sleek & Curl straighteners by Remington. They are coated with Teflon Ceramic Tourmaline and heat up in just 15 seconds.





Now Remington is coming to India with a Joint Venture partner and guess who is the Brand Ambassadress of the iconic Remington Grooming Products for the India…It’s none other than socialite cum fashionista – Tanisha Mohan. I won’t say much wether Tanisha qualifies to be a Brand Ambassadress of such a reputed global brand but this much I can say that her immense networking skills will definitely push the brand immensely.



A bit of history on Remington – When Victor Kiam died in 2001 the family sold Remington to the battery company Rayovac. Rayovac changed its name to Spectrum Brands and markets Remington brand men’s and women’s electric shavers, hair clippersbeard and moustache trimmers, nose and ear hair trimmers, foot massagersmake-up mirrors, heated hair rollers, blow dryers, and curling irons and flat irons.


Valentine’s Day, Mommies & A Show Stopper!

valentines day 106Happy Valentine’s Day folks!

reynuWell this year I am pleasantly amazed by the enthusiasm with, which Mommies and Auntie jis are celebrating Valentine’s Day. V-Day celebrations took off yesterday with lunches and cocktail soiree galore and believe you me, the Mommies and Aunties have left the teeny-boppers miles behind in celebrating Valentine’s Day.

tanisha-mohan-show-stopperToday designer Reynu Taandon is hosting a fashion show followed with a “Valentine’s Lunch” in association with Savera Association at the Punj House. Delhi’s hot Mommies (MILFs) and Aunties are all gonna be there. But guess who’s the occasion’s ‘star-attraction’? Well she is Tanisha Mohan, the Show Stopper! I loved the way the invitation highlighted Reynu’s stylista show stopper. Check it out for yourself:


 Reynu Taandon


Savera Association, NGO

Cordially Invites you for an exclusive showing by Designer Reynu Taandon over Valentine’s Lunch




Date: Thursday, 14th February 2013

Time: 12: 00 pm onwards

Venue: 10, PUNJ HOUSE

Prithviraj Road,

New Delhi




Confirmed Guest List

Geeta Punj, Tanisha Mohan, Ritu Ansal, Meenu Bakshi, Madhu Sood, Renu Bhatia, President of Savera, Bela Madan, Ammu Saidi, Latika Khaneja, Nishi Singh, Neena Verma, Alpana Gujral, Naina Balsaver Ahmad, Ashi Burman, Anjana Bhargav, Jyotika Jhalani to name a few


‘Scandalous List’: Top Fashion Victims

Wearing the latest couture outfit or wrapping yourself up in latest fashion labels head to toe doesn’t make you fashionable. Yet our so-called fashionistas do just that so very often. Preparing this list of ‘fashion victims’ was difficult as had numerous suggestions. In fact I have totally avoided the new breed of crappy Page-3 types that find space in out newspaper tabloids as they don’t even qualify to be called ‘fashion-victims’. So Sapna, Dimple, Pushpanjali, Salloli, Vandy, Meenakshi, Ramola, Sangeeta, Kanchan, Preeti, Mamta and the types, you are spared. Will probably create a section – ‘fashion assault’ sometime soon.

A fashionable lady for me is somebody who knows her assets and flaws and dresses accordingly. The fashion victims I listed here are simply ignoring that basic factor about dressing up. Look at Nita Ambani. She looks graceful in a sari or an Anaarkali but what on earth made her wear these apron-type dresses? Nita you can go-back 20-years on Cover shoot courtesy airbrushing but not when it comes to dressing. Same goes for Sunanda Tharoor. She looks pretty in a sari but hey please make sure your blouse doesn’t have a wet patch around the under-arms. The dhoti-salwar is ugg! And Gauri Khan…that bronze look and cleavage show is getting a wee bit too much. Satin is an unforgiving fabric that reveals every bump and roll so if you wearing one, you better keep your posture taut.

Sonam Kapoor is the darling of the desi rag-mags. She’s been on the cover of almost all. But I feel at times Sonam go-overboard to flaunt the esoteric labels she has in her closet and look like a ‘pelican’. Remember her boobs almost spilled out of the Gaultier gown? Her broad shoulders aren’t flattering too in bare-shoulder numbers. Tanisha Mohan too has a wardrobe that any woman would envy and yet at times she wears clothes that can’t help but being labeled as ‘fashion victim’. Priya Sachdev in a sleeveless number is a disaster. I had written about it earlier here. Those unsightly folds around the armpit are better kept covered. Don’t you think so?

And what do I say about Queenie Singh? She has gone so much under the knife that she looks like a shriveled up raisin. Wearing short dresses doesn’t make her look fab. In fact those bony knee-caps stand out as an eyesore. Plunging necklines are fine but what about the saggy boobs?

Tanisha Mohan Is The BRAND AMBASSADRESS For Anjalee & Arjun Kapoor

Hush-hush murmurs grew into a catty cacophony when it was established that it is indeed Tanisha Mohan aka Tashu who is the uncrowned Brand Ambassadress for the coveted couture house – Anjalee and Arjun Kapoor. The fashionistas were clawing and pawing for this coveted status while Tashu silently flew down to Mumbai to be at Anjalee and Arjun Kapoor’s show at the ongoing India Bridal Week as their Brand Ambassadress.

Some may argue that Bipasha is the Ambassadress for Anjalee & Arjun Kapoor but I choose to disagree. She is only the rented diva! Bips loyalty lies with Gauri and Nainika and her buddy – Rocky S.

Coming back to Anjalee and Arjun Kapoor’s dazzling show – well it was inspired by Subz Milonee (Mixed Vegetable) and was exquisitely crafted after selectively drawing inspirations from Manish Malhotra, JJ Valaya and Manav Gangwani.

Bipasha was the Tadka on Subz Milonee dished out by Anjalee and Arjun Kapoor!

Pardon me Anjalee…change your stylist. Didn’t do justice with your golden gown. Could had been bit more roomy at the bust.

Tanisha – Brand Ambassador of Gucci in India???

The Capital is abuzz with the news that die-hard socialite Tanisha Mohan aka Tashu has been appointed the Brand Ambassador of Gucci in India. I am still in the process of establishing the truth about it as their has been no response from Reena and Ashok Wadhwa, the licensee of Gucci in India.

But I am not surprised if Wadhwas actually appoint Tanisha as the Ambassadress of the Brand in India. Why? Simply because Tashu’s very close friend is the top customer of Gucci in India. Any businesswoman/man would go to all extent in keeping the elite customer of their’s in good humour.

By the way globally the luxury brands don’t have a policy of appointing ‘Brand Ambassadors’. At the most they sign-on a celebrity to endorse the brand through advertisements. Hence I am sceptical how Gucci Headquarters will take to the news of their Indian Licensee appointing a local Brand Ambassador.