Sherlyn Chopra – 1st Ever Desi Playmate Totally UNCENSORED


Item Number Sherlyn Chopra becoming the first ever Indian to grace the cover of Playboy is probably stale news by now. You may have seen some pixalated or blackened-out pictures of Sherlyn strutting around naked with the crew of Playboy. But at it is always ‘Uncensored’. 

Sherlyn Chopra has been celebrating her time hanging out around the Playboy mansion by tweeting a bunch of pictures of her naked bod! For the record, she’s randomly posted nude pictures before (as recently as February), but she’s never posted pictures of herself hanging out with Hef; about whom she said, “Even at 87, he knows how to be an effortless charmer!!!”  

Sunny Leone UNCENSORED (Only for 18yo & Above)

Indo-Canadian Pornstar Sunny Leone aka Karen Malhotra is a Sikh. In 2010 Sunny was voted by Maxim among Top 12 Porn Star. She was also Penthouse Pet of the Year in 2003.

Now that she has landed into the Bigg Boss’ House enjoy some of her ‘Porn’ Pix here: