Delhi Couture Week’s Most Shameless Gatecrasher

Every Fashion Week we find a new gatecrasher. The just concluded PCJ Delhi Couture Week 2012 too had one.

So who bagged the trophy for the ‘Most Shameless Gatecrasher’? Well it’s a guy from Bangalore. What’s his occupation? Nothing presently but last known occupation was at a Bank from where he was sacked. Oh yes his name is Jesh Wilson.

Wilson managed to get in to the shows courtesy some friends he made. But on the final day the gatecrasher became a shameless fraudster by claiming to be Fashion Television (FTV) journalist. He discreetly hid his Media Accreditation badge under his jacket. What do guys like him get by indulging in fraud just to see a fashion show???

Height of shamelessness was when Jesh Wilson gatecrashed into Varun Bahl’s birthday bash. Next morning he puts up pictures on Facebook from the party. So all this creepy act is just to flaunt on your Facebook that you are at the ‘IT’ Shows or ‘IT’ parties dear Jesh Wilson??? Get a life dude!