Desperate B-Town Gals Strip-Down To Be In News

ameesha-patelVeenaMalikThe ‘Desperate B-Town Gals‘ have made stripping-down a ploy to stay relevant in Bollywood. You all had seen Ameesha Patel in those garters to announce the launch of her production house’s first film. She looked hideous rather than sexy. 

sherlyn-kamasutra-3dYou must have also seen Sherlyn Chopra doing the skin-show thingy for her MTV Splitsville show. But with Sherlyn showing skin is normal; seeing her clothed would be abnormal though. Here is the link to a video promo of her’s:



mallika sherawatWe also have Mallika Sherawat undressing to stay in news. Recently she posted her picture in black lacy lingerie on Twitter!

VeenaMalik01VeenaMalik02And now we have the hideous Veena Malik doing a bikini shoot!!!


It’s not the first time that Veena Malik, the infamous temptress from Pakistan who posed in the nude. Four months back I posted on fashionscandal the images of Veena Malik in Nude that proved that the images of the Nude Veena Malik are not morphed. She has posed nude earlier and she did pose nude for the December issue of FHM. You can have a look at the August 08 2011 posting of fashionscandal here:

But then Veena Malik has always been known as a big liar. She retracts from everything the moment the heat is on her. This time when the Interior Minister of Pakistan, Rehman Malik got upset with the Pakistan Model – Veena posing in the nude and ordered an investigation, Veena Malik started her ‘Denial Drama’. She has apparently sued FHM, India for £1.3m claiming that FHM has morphed the pictures. 

I totally believe that the FHM Cover is not morpher and the Magazine claims to have a video of the photo-shoot to substantiate their claim that the pictures aren’t morphed. Veena Malik posed in the nude when she was in her early 20s and she’s done it again now when she is 33. 

Caught Without Panty And Subsequent Denials

When Yana Gupta was clicked without her panty she had the guts to be honest in accepting it but others like Shamita Shetty earlier and Preeti Jhangiani most recently resort to denial and blame it on publishers.

I did not understand what delivering a baby got to do with panties (or no panties). Someone please educate me. The photographers who clicked Preeti Jhangiani without her knickers are known to me and I believe them 200%. Jhangiani forgot her panty that evening.

Earlier I had put up some nude shots of Veena Malik, the intolerable Pakistani model. There were vehement denials. But then I can prove it that it was actually Veena Malik in the nude in these photographs. The Tattoo tells all!

Would U like to talk to Veena Malik on V Day???

Well is not offering this service to you. We have better tastes! But yes a Mobile Telephone Service Provider is surely offering its subscribers to talk to Veena Malik of Bigg Boss fame on Valentine’s Day as a part of their Value Added Service (VAS). Malik is being paid Rs. 3 Lacs for an hour to chat with callers. Isn’t it a bit too much for that drama queen?

Since news of Rahat Ali Khan being nabbed at Delhi Airport for carrying undisclosed foreign currency worth Rs. 70 Lacs is fresh in my mind, I was wondering if this Pakistani wannabe – Veena Malik even has a Business Visa to make money in India. Would somebody enlighten me please???

Meanwhile let your voyeuristic side indulge in these semi-nude pictures of Veena Malik, shot when she was younger.