Readers of this Blog warns Burman & Wadia and more…

I have posted the comments from readers of, which I feel are vital inside goss. Here they are:

Gauri says:

Can be easily figured out why Preity Zinta wud be giving so many press releases. No unpaid media will use different photos in every release when they are criticising her nobody will use words like sizzling or beautiful which she is not. Read this:

Publicity – is a part of it creating and then refuting the controversy AS MEDIA **ORE remaining in news. However more important is back in 2009 she had mallified Burman and Wadia over the SA brawl by giving press releases in India – brawl, beaten up, molested a woman etc etc. Someone had questioned her about that so this year she is taking opportunity to prove it wrong by playing the same game on herself? Could u have imagined this… Well not. Tell that to Burman and Wadia if u have any clout with them that its a matter of time – they are in for big trouble!.

parlour says:

So has Preity Zinta become the official escort of Mukesh Ambani now? Is it with the permission of Neeta Ambani or without? And if nothing of the sort then why does Mukesh allow a sl*t to be around him? Does he think the ugly horse lends him some glamour that his wife with chadti jawani cannot? Or is Zinta piling on and leeching on to famous or influential or rich men as is her usual habit?

whiteswan says:

Preity Zinta seems high or drunk when she wrote this blog.

She still thinks Yuvi is part of her team and she is going to make him captain!
Also in context of Ness note her emphasis on terms like “heir” “fortune” and “Jinnah connection”. She seems to think those are his only qualifications and chooses to completely forget brother Jeh Wadia!! Recall that before a decade, the Wadias were synonymous with patriotism, Indian nationalism, contributions to Indian business and the local Indian society. Interestingly after Zinta’s association, she has heavily publicized the Jinnah connection -giving press releases on her meetings with Dina Wadia or planting articles referring it again and again and in the process trying to put the Wadias at a disadvantage in India – having to justify their Indianness or their patriotism or face skeptical eyes so that she could then play a larger than life image of a Zara of Veer Zara bridging the India –Pak gap. Not surprising Ness had to recently justify his 200 years roots or his patriotism and intent to remain in India or having to say India is his motherland…. in the recent hospital issue.

As to IPL being her baby or she mothering it ..huh? After having so many public linkups they completely deny …then this ranting is entirely possible.

As to her tirade of press releases crying hoarse “she is not selling her IPL team” – how can a minority stake holder exercise right to yell on others’ behalf? Others were planning to sell way back in March 2010 before any IPL controversies began. But she is trying her level best to misrepresent facts – using words like faulty monetary transactions etc as reasons for exit plans. She seems to be desperately trying to obstruct their exit plans by such false reasons – when in reality her own fund sources are a question.