Why Rich Housewives’ choicest venture is Candle Making?

I often wonder why the wives of business tycoons take to candle-making as their choicest venture? Can anybody throw light on it please because I pondered and pondered and couldn’t find a rational behind it? Somebody told me it’s very therapeutic. Another smart Alec told me that it’s an alibi to dodge being called just a Homemaker or a Socialite. Yes that can be true because these ladies hate to be labeled as a Housewife or a Socialite. “I am into designing candles”, sounds respectableTake the case of Amit Burman and Rajan Mittal’s wives, Divya Burman and Vernaz Mittal. They have candle designing company – Wax Works and they make some really expensive candles. I doubt if they even go to their factory or if they even have one. They might be outsourcing and simply using their rich contacts to sell the overpriced candles. Sabaah Sheikh too is designing ‘bespoke’ candles but I wouldn’t like to slot her into and ‘Rich and Bored Housewives’ category because she’s rather enterprising. Sabaah and Aniljit jointly run the Emperor’s Kitchen with 2 more partners.

If I remember right, Dimple Kapadia was the first celebrity to get into designing candles. After that many rich & bored housewives have taken to candle designing with a vengeance. Divya Burman in fact tried her hand in fashion designing to and launched kids range some years back. Never heard of it after the launch.In Mumbai it is home furnishing and interior designing that is the ‘IT” venture for ‘Rich and Bored’ Housewives. Oh yeah even jewellery designing is in that league. Suzanne Roshan has taken to Interiors and Home Furnishing and calls it House of Design. She launched it in 2005 but now she is launching another store at Juhu that will stock her designer furniture and furnishings. I think Twinkle Khanna inspired her.