India Bridal Week in Mumbai Indefinitely Postponed

jyotsna-tiwari-1_650_072513102651The India Bridal Fashion Week 2013, which was scheduled from 18th October till the 24th October 2013 at The Grand Hyatt is indefinitely postponed. Vijay Singh of Fashion One that hosts the annual bridal week  is yet to announce the reason behind the sudden postponement.

Tarun TahilianiIn 2013 India Bridal Fashion Week made its debut in Delhi this July and also announced to take the event global with a London schedule in January 2014. The designers slotted for the Mumbai edition of the Bridal Week had hopes of capturing newer segments of the big-fat-wedding market with this event but those hopes are now shattered.

The Mumbai event had the Delhi line-up of designers like Rohit Bal, Tarun Tahiliani, Suneet Varma, JJ Valaya and the others. Manish Malhotra and Gaurav Gupta were two new names that were to showcase in the Mumbai edition.

Will find out what led to this sudden postponement of the India Bridal Fashion Week just fortnight before it was to kick-off and keep you posted.

Blatant Nepotism @ India Bridal Fashion Week

Jotsna Tiwari with Husband Vijay SinghIn ten days the India Bridal Fashion Week 2013 takes off for the first time in Delhi. The pet project of Vijay Singh supported by the Sahara Group has gone on a media blitzkrieg with newspaper advertisements and paid editorials through Medianet at Times of India and Brand Solution at Hindustan Times.

Aamby Valley India Bridal Fashion Week2013_Jacqueline Fernandez_AdvertisementSonakshi Sinha_Jyotsna Tiwari_Bridal Week 2012Jacqueline Fernandez is the brand ambassadress of the event and Vijay Singh, the organiser of the Bridal Week has ensured that the Bollywood actress walks exclusive for his wife – Jyotsna Tiwari’s show. Yes I know Alia Bhatt is going to strut the ramp for the finale show by Tarun Tahiliani but it is Jacqueline who is splurged across the print advertisements in Jyotsna Tiwari ensemble. The Advertisements doesn’t fail to give due credit to the fact in print at the the left-hand-bottom corner. In fact Jyotsna Tiwari has been availing this privilege at all the Bridal Weeks courtesy her hubby, Vijay Singh.

Alia Bhatt_Tarun Tahiliani_FinaleCould you imagine a designer – Jyotsna Tiwari – who more than once failed to qualify at FDCI hosted shows getting such a regal treatment and sharing the slot with an established designer like Rina Dhaka??? Jab Mian Hawaldar, Kis Baat Ka Darr! I guess none of the designers are protesting this blatant nepotism as they are paid handsomely to participate in the Bridal Week.


It Happens Only In India

Mr._Vivek_Kumar,_CEO,_Aamby_Valley_City_&_Mr._Vijay_Singh,_CMD,_VCI_Hospitality_Ltd622539The term – ‘Fashion Show’ or Fashion Week’ has been most ill-used in India. I have written enough on the subject – on how India has more ‘fashion weeks’ in India than the sum total of fashion weeks held in Fashion Capitals of New York, Paris, Milan and London. In India we had a fashion week named after an individual – Prasad Bidapa Fashion Week. You can read it here in my earlier post – The Term – ‘Fashion Week’ Has Become A Joke

558655_526510324032806_842649226_nRecently we had a designer taking a bow twice during his show and who could it be but Manish Malhotra. Then we had a ‘Indian Fashion Summit’ where fashion designers, choreographers and fashion scribes were awarded but surprisingly I had never heard of the winners in my 15-years plus career as a fashion journalist.

horsetradingAnd now we have a gentleman who has introduced the dirty-trick of horse-trading in fashion. I though horse-trading happened only in politics. Vijay Singh who got into fashion just because his wife – Jyotsna Tiwari was never approved by the jury at FDCI shows. He started ‘Bridal Week’ in Mumbai. This year he is doing the ‘Bridal Week’ in Delhi and timed it just before the Delhi Couture Week organised by FDCI. Singh always had an axe to grind with FDCI. Anyway the designers are poached with huge sums of money courtesy two big sponsors that back the Bridal Week. Have you ever heard anywhere in the world of a designer getting paid to do a fashion show? It happens only in India! Vijay Singh has poached the popular designers and the five biggies of Indian Fashion Fraternity are offered an average of Rupees 40 Lakhs to just participate in the Bridal Week.

No doubt the Delhi government levies Entertainment Tax on Fashion Shows. When organisors like Vijay Singh pay hefty amounts to designers to show their collection, it is something like ‘performance fee’ that showbiz people charge. Hence government is right in levying Entertainment Tax because these events no way help in establishing that a fashion show is a ‘Trade Show’.





Vijay Singh’s Plan to Host India Bridal Week in Delhi is Washed-Up.

 On the 28th of August 2012 Vijay Singh held a press conference in Delhi to announce the India Bridal Week in Delhi. Singh in fact announced the dates too – 2nd August to the 6th of August 2013, which is just a week before the annual Delhi Couture Week hosted by Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI). If that wasn’t enough, Vijay Singh read out the names of participating designers and even got Tarun Tahiliani on to the podium to announce him as the ‘Grand Finale’ designer of his maiden venture in Delhi. You can read all about it in my earlier post here:

The Board of FDCI was not happy with Vijay Singh hosting a Bridal/Couture Week strategically just a week before the Delhi Couture Week. The Board also expressed its angst against FDCI Members taking part in Vijay Singh’s event. The talks were so serious that the Board decided if a FDCI Member designer takes part in Vijay Singh’s show in Delhi, his/her membership may be cancelled.

Seeing the strict posturing by FDCI the designers who were tom-tommed by Vijay Singh at his press conference did a U-turn. I have come to know that all the designers who were supposedly showing at the India Bridal Week in August 2013 have now given in writing to the board that they will not showcase in any event that is similar to the one hosted by FDCI and is held in the Capital around the same dates. In simple words – Tarun Tahiliani & JJ Valaya – the trump-cards in Vijay Singh’s Delhi agenda will not participate in it.

This news may not have reached Vijay Singh as the written undertaking was kept confidential by the FDCI Board.

Now AMR Joins Hands With Vijay Singh for An Alternative Couture Week in Delhi

There seems to be no end to fashion politics and no dearth of designers falling prey to people attempting at fracturing the fashion fraternity. Remember Vijay Singh – the man who had formed FDPC and had ambitious plans to disintegrate FDCI – is still at his games. Not satisfied with the lack-lustre Sahara India Bridal Week that he has been hosting for the past three years, Vijay Singh yesterday held a press conference to announce a year in advance about his Couture Week in Delhi in the year 2013.

Remember yet another Real Estate Group – AMR – that recently formed Indian Fashion Council, which later was renamed as Indian Fashion Company and boasted about forming a platform to promote Young Designers has now dumped ‘young designers‘ and joined hands with Vijay Singh to sponsor the Couture Week. I always doubted AMR’s intention and wrote about it in my various posts. Now that they are sponsoring an alternative couture week, AMR’s lie is exposed. You can read my earlier posts here:

Another “Fashion Council” Raises Its Ugly Head

Overnight the ‘Council’ Turns In To A ‘Company’

Unabashed Pimping of Fashion Continues

At the Press Conference held yesterday jointly by Vijay Singh and AMR, the dates were announced – 2nd August 2013 to 6th August 2013. The intent is clear to hold it before the FDCI organised Delhi Couture Week. The ace up the sleeves of the new couture week is Tarun Tahiliani and it has been announced that Tarun Tahiliani will be the Grand Finale couturier. Other designers present at the conference were Ashima-Leena, Shantanu – Nikhil and JJ Valaya (who later re-iterated that he will be part of the FDCI’s Delhi Couture Week). Rocky S and Vikram Phadnis are also supposedly part of this alternative Couture Week.

I yet again ask – do we need two Couture Weeks back to back in Delhi? Should designers who are members of FDCI ( a body constituted by them and for them) participate in an alternate couture/fashion week? Is it the lure of money that is making designers opt for an alternative organiser? What does the alternate Couture Week bring extra to the table that FDCI’s Couture Week doesn’t?