Zaara Khan has been Identified

Remember Zaara Khan? Yes the staunch supporter and beta noire of Tanisha Mohan who never fails to come as a saviour to confront me whenever I blog on Tanisha, has been identified. I took the help of Cyber Detectives to pin-point on this fake lady and guess who it is?

She is a self-proclaimed royalty and goes by the name of Amu Saidi.

Amu commented on Tanisha’s latest post pronto. Have a look!

Brickbats to Me by a Tashu Sympathiser

Folks, I got a major ‘Hate’ comment from a reader of the blog who calls me a LIAR and more for blogging that Tanisha Mohan piled on to the reserved media seats at Abu Jani-Sandeep Khosla’s show at Delhi Couture Week. I never knew Tanisha is affiliated to any Media House. Also, I thought media seats are only for the Accredited media people and are non-transferable. Umesh might agree with me on that.

Ms Zaara Khan, here goes your comment, totally un-edited. Enjoy!

zaara khan

Submitted on 2010/07/28 at 12:41pm

my god thats the best bullshit i hv heard in a long time!i was right there in the afternoon when umesh invited her n so was sandeep.Everyone knows that whoever ds not pay you you trash.i wonder if all ur stories are full of crap.manav also said u trash him bcoz he ds not pay you.i knw this will not be put on the net but jaideep atleast get ur facts right.everyone saw t come n sit noi questn abt her from across. i love that girl n i think she is one hot diva.unlike a lot of other pg 3 ppl who speak so much filth abt you she has nvr said a wrd but then i guess your bullshit advisors see u as a sucker for writing shit. i will tell my editor to speak with umesh coz i am a witness to the ur site shd be called jaideep the liar

Ms. Zaara Khan accuses me of trashing people who do not PAY ME. She also quotes MANAV GANGWANI and says, that “manav also said u trash him bcoz he ds not pay you.” Manav, if you read this would love to have your comment.Here is the link to my review of Manav Gangwani’s Couture Collection at Delhi Couture Week. Mind you, he DIDN’T PAY!

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