Event sponsors are very demanding and at times demand for weirdest of things. At the just concluded India Bridal Fashion Week, which was sponsored by BMW, I found it odd for the BMW sedan to appear on the ramp on each and every show with LED headlamps illuminating the derriere of the models. A luxury car brand indulging in such a tacky marketing gimmick put-off most of the audience at the shows.

Mercedes has been sponsoring fashion weeks for years and that too the top ones like one in New York. Have you seen a Mercedes car driving on to the ramp at the end of the show  ever? I haven’t at least. Overzealous sponsors at times kill an event and in the process earn antipathy instead of adulation. Hope BMW India’s marketing team learns the subtle art of marketing than the one ‘on-your-face’ kind that they indulged in at the India Bridal Fashion Week.



By the way here is the link to my report on couple of shows for the Sunday Standard:



  1. aoyv says:

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  2. Colossial says:

    Lol flashing Butts.Most of the owners of BMW are men so the ads target them. These men target young women always so the BMW has decided to flash their butts. It feels more like mating rituals of peacocks where the males flash their full tails for peahens.

  3. Mindsets of people: are going through a constant evolution. Effects and events perceived as “crass” or in bad taste by many of us, are works of creativity for many. At the same time Hats off to the Blogger for highlighting a much needed change that “BMW India” must bring, if it “wishes” to be perceived or identified as a “luxury car maker”.

  4. Delhi Boy says:

    The reason for this is that it was BRIDAL fashion week, and the wedding market in India (North India) is all about Pomp and show. It’s BMWs ‘subtle’ way of making sure that Every time a wedding takes place, one BMW should go as the ‘Dahej’. After all it’s delhi that we are talking about. And we know that despite the law saying otherwise the practice of giving dowry still exists.

  5. jack says:

    A MNC taking resort of an illegal practice is very unethical!

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