16 Crore Flat gifted to Deepika Padukone by Sid Mallya

Deepika Padukone has been well compensated for hanging around with ‘Prince’ of Good Times, Sidharth Mallya. The kid gifted Deepika a flat in Mumbai worth Rs. 16 Crores. I chose to call it ‘Compensation’ because the Mallyas – Vijay and Sidharth gain immensely from Deepika for their ‘Brand Promotion’. Deepika is their at all of […]

2010’s Bollywood Superstar’s Niece is Rumored to have Eloped

Just heard that this ‘Solidd’ star’s neice eloped with her boyfriend to get married and there’s huge tension in the star’s household. Don’t know if it’s just rumours. But this niece’s one of the Maamu Jaan, who too is an actor cum director cum producer had eloped and got married to a girl from different […]