Vanisha Mittal & Amit Bhatia Have Separated

When the world’s richest Indian – Lakshmi Mittal’s only daughter, Vanisha Mittal got married to Delhi lad, Amit Bhatia, it was expected that it would beat all records of ‘Big Fat Indian Weddings’. LN Mittal reportedly spent $78 Million in his daughter’s wedding in June 2004. Alas the wedding did not even last 10 years. […]

Sabeer Bhatia ‘Single’ Yet Again

Silicon Valley entrepreneur – Sabeer Bhatia who married Tanya Sharma in an extravagant 3-day affair in Malaysia filed for a divorce in January 2013 at the Superior Court of San Francisco. The cause cited was ‘irreconcilable differences’. Anyway the divorce petition has been formalised now but details about how much Bhatia paid Tanya Sharma for an […]

Why Can’t ‘High Society’ Keep Things Simple?

When marriages break, why can’t the couple go their own way gracefully? I never understood all this prolonged divorce cases and back-room ‘settlement’ negotiations. Anyway the Avneesh Sood and his estranged wife, Tithi Sood’s divorce case is going on since 2010 and still doesn’t see the end. Heard it is all about the ‘moolah’ Now […]

Has Guneeta Sodhi finally found a soul-mate in Rishi Sethia?

Guneeta Sodhi, a true-blue Delhi socialite has been single ever since her divorce with Sameer Thukral. There has been not many rumours about her link-ups too. But yes, I heard about a ‘Sona Munda’ being besotted by Guneeta’s charm. But now it seems Guneeta has found her man and that too in London, the city […]