Vigilantism By TV Channels Is Dangerous

I am so sick of vigilantism by some of the television channels that now I understand why TV is called an ‘Idiot Box‘. 24 by 7 these news channels are sermonizing and their panelists are forcing on their agendas that involuntarily seep into ordinary Indian’s conscious and eventually grows into a monstrous herd mentality. “India’s […]

Why Can’t ‘High Society’ Keep Things Simple?

When marriages break, why can’t the couple go their own way gracefully? I never understood all this prolonged divorce cases and back-room ‘settlement’ negotiations. Anyway the Avneesh Sood and his estranged wife, Tithi Sood’s divorce case is going on since 2010 and still doesn’t see the end. Heard it is all about the ‘moolah’ Now […]

Shiney gets 7 years for rape. Did you know about Preity-Shiney incident?

On the day when actor Shiney Ahuja was sent to jail for 7 years after convicted by the Mumbai court for raping his 20-year-old  maid in 2009, I found it fiiting to share this bit of interesting news that has been sent to me by a loyal reader of He/She goes by this psuedonym […]

Sanjana Jon ropes in a Sponsor for her B’day Bash

Only Sanjana Jon can do it – get a sponsor to fund her birthday bash. Well for celebrating her birthday, Sanjana embarked upon a fresh social cause – ‘Go Green’ – and roped in a sponsor, a builder making eco-friendly ‘Earth Towne’. Smart huh? She gave up her other charitable cause – ‘Girl Child’ and […]