Titillating Yoga

LOVE Magazine is definitely grabbing eyeballs with its Love’s Advent Calendar. The 4th day of January had supermodel Grace Elizabeth doing her best table top pose for yoga day  for LOVEADVENT.  Grace said, “I LOVE the Love Advent because it gives me the opportunity to be sexy and strong and just have fun!” The 20-year-old Florida-raised […]


Supermodel Tarun Nijjer Is Among The 10 ‘Most Exciting Models’ Today

Tarun Nijjer, the 19-year-old model from London, is the first male model of Indian descent to reach such success in the fashion industry, and now that he’s working exclusively with Burberry, it won’t be long before his name is just as recognizable as his face. Papermag had enlisted Tarun Nijjer in ‘Beautiful People 2015: Models’ […]

Upcoming Supermodel is a ‘She’ or a ‘He’?

Bosnian model Andrej Pejic is a “rising star” in the fashion industry — just landed an ad campaign for Jean Paul Gaultier. With long blond hair and a square jaw, Pejic resembles Karolina Kurkova… but wait, Pejic is a guy, a male who has been modelling as a female. In fact he modelled alongside Karolina Kurkova. (See […]

It’s not Coke, it’s Powdered Rhino Horn that makes u Supermodel

All this while our models thought Cocaine is that magic thing that keeps you slim and trim. Can’t blame them as Kate Moss’ Coke escapades got flashed everywhere and her stylish coke stash, which was a Faberge Egg became every models envy. I don’t know if Cocaine works but yeah the Colombian powder finds fancy […]