Hope you guys won’t mind if I blow my own trumpet for a change. Some might find it pompous but let me take this liberty for once. After posted the story on “Should Designers Comprise The Jury That Selects Designers?'” (You can read it here: http://wp.me/p1C8a1-16e) a fierce debate took off that led many designers to voice their opinion against the process. Subsequently HT City too did a piece on the same topic and resultant FDCI and the Board did a rethinking.

As per my sources the FDCI and its Board is revisiting the selection process from the start and hopefully in couple of days the final list will be out.

I know that I (‘An Industry Outsider.’) pissed off a lot of Board members but then my argument wasn’t if X,Y, Z designers qualify to be on the Jury. My basic tenet was a that a Jury shouldn’t comprise of designers that selects designers. This rule applies to every other field – be it journalism, art or shall I say the Selection Committee for Allocation of Coal Blocks.

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  1. I always thought for the designer by the designer of the designer is incestuous and fraught with nepotism. Stake holders in the industry should be involved in the running of this institution to keep it fair and expand the idea.

  2. Thank you for steering change in the right direction, by setting the wheels in motion. More power to sensible outsiders like you.