That’s Some Passionate Smooch

I chanced upon this photograph and applied some software to judge if it is morphed or photo-shopped and the result came in negative. This photograph definitely seems from the premier or promo of Balki’s much acclaimed movie – Paa. In the film Abhishek Bachchan played the father to Amitabh Bachchan. Vidya Balan had a stellar role too.In the pic there is Mrs. B in a lip-lock with someone. Who the hell is he? I couldn’t recognise him. Could you???Passionate SmoochYes that is Ajay Devgun. Here is the picture courtesy ‘Bharatstudent’ that shows him!

photo (13)

11 thoughts on “That’s Some Passionate Smooch

  1. ladyofleisure

    You’re right.. its Ajay Devgan! Noooooo wayyyyy!! How get the hell did he get away with that?!! In her defense, I dont think Aishwarya even saw it coming.. dont think she even had a chance to react. I wouldnt have been able to if I was in her place. (Yuck.. Ajay Devgan slobbering my face..I’ll take Hrithik pls)

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