Delhi Never Ceases To Shock

1381002551_dMigwzvI thought I have seen and heard so many varied types of scandals that I am immune to them. But the rich and famous of Delhi keep raising the ‘scandal’ bar and keep shocking me.

Recently a young tycoon who was having an affair thought of dealing with it head-on. Imagine the scene when the girlfriend walks into the tycoon’s palatial house where he had called few friends and her for drinks and dinner. The legally wedded wife saw the girlfriend (knew about her) from the upper floor where she was getting ready to join the guests. She saw but did not create any fuss. The wifey simply packed her bags took the kid and walked out of the Lutyen’s bungalow and checked-in to the Taj Mahal hotel.

infidelWife is still living out of her suitcase in the Taj while the hubby is pampering his lady-love with expensive watches and jewelry and holiday in Maldives.

I have seen estranged wife skinny – dip in the swimming pool of her Lutyen’s bungalow to shock and awe her conservative Marwari in-laws, cat-fights between girlfriend and wife; heard a driver complaining how his ‘Memsaab send him at odd hours to get some thing MD…from African guys’, infamous kleptomaniac socialite being humiliated, guy caught red-handed with best friend’s wife and much-much more. This one is a new addition to some shocking tales of Delhi’s rich and famous

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  1. Do u know there was a blind item in mumbai mirror a few days back abt a business magnate whos having affair with an 80’s model..had given her & her two kids a flat in bandra & she used to supply him drugs & call girls also..wife being aware of all this ..but now broken up, & used his wife only to throw her out of his flat.. whos dis man & this model mistress ?????

  2. Mumbai is talking about the model from the 80’s, and her ex boyfriend (named above) and his socialite wife

  3. @shaniyq & @nupur s but who is the model of 80’s involved with arif patel ..who has two kids also ??

  4. Why would you bother offering the tycoon any privacy if you have disclosed the name of the “other woman”

  5. The so called tycoon is the famous master for bdsm, the new Bear in town who has graduated from shiny round discs to power courtesy a powerful cong leader from MP.

  6. But isnt the bear a punjabi its says marwari in laws in the post!

    And thank you handcuffed for showing us the light

  7. We’ve talked about the industrialists and business barons but I couldn’t guess who this cricketer and his female actor girlfriend is- this up and coming female actor was the object of affection of a well-known cricketer known for his philandering eye. But what shocks the socks off us is the beautiful girl’s raunchy reputation of being professional arm candy to politicians and industrialists.

  8. wow! who is this marwari in-laws and the bahu? there is so much going on here! I wish I found this site ages ago. Great job Jack!

  9. the mistress is alison kanuga (regarding the bombay blind item) who is completely nuts to say the least ! wow do i have stories about her…..

  10. Hey Jack !! Please unfold all items on this page please 🙂 . Also more about Shweta Bachchan and Hrithik Roshan !!

  11. someone please spell it out, who is the industrialist ?
    @nupur is the female actress kim sharma or neha dhupia? Also is this a recent cricketer- female actress or in the past?

  12. @jack pls tell us about the mumbai mirror blind na which is mentioned by @nupur s also.. the cricketer & his obejct of affection

  13. MitTals are not in Lutyen’s Delhi.
    Check-out Marwaris in Aurangzeb (oops ) APJ Abdul Kalam Road and Prithviraj Road 🙂

  14. @nefarious @girl funny- if the actress Mumbai Mirror talked about is Huma, then the cricketer has to be Azhar.

  15. @ girlfunny: my guess is huma too. Two cricket biopics are in the making. On dhoni (starring kiara advani) and azhar (huma, prachi Desai and nargis fakhri). Of these four, huma seems most likely; she’s also in London. But no idea who the marwadi boyfriend is, nor do I find any London luxury hotel pics.

  16. You shouldn’t reveal these names as there are kids involved in this scandal it was the son who told the mother to leave the house. We wouldn’t want to affect the lives of kids do we?

  17. Jack, is it over between Kat and Ranbir? whats with Kat’s outburst recently?Should we expect an announcement soon?

  18. Someone made a sensible guess of R.P.
    from what is heard, even though miss ‘date’ me is spreading the news about them being fixed – the baer has made no such commitment and continues to enjoy his sugar babies during his travels, or as they say banged up in dubai. I think we should let him enjoy his new fund freedom and fetish.

  19. So True!
    Mis’Date Me’ is juggling with two. She is having something on with Burman beta too. RP must be in the know but wonder why he lavish Tithi with extravagant gifts??? Guess moolah doesn’t matter…

  20. Jack! Can you do a post on the Delhi (ex-) royalty. They seem to keep the goss under tight wraps or are they just super well behaved?

  21. Also whats the scoop on Riddhima K Sahni and Bharat Sahni? I was at a high profile event in Delhi over the Diwali period and I heard a few cheating rumors.

  22. Jack like you posted about the Delhi gossips, can you post something simillar about B-Town lattest gossips?

  23. As per Jack in his previous post: ” I think the logic behind teasing readers with ‘Blind Items’ of gossip is that they either do not have the guts to take names or they aren’t sure about the facts.”

    So why this blind item?